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  1. Home security camera system question

    I have EUFY cams that work great, can add as many as you like including interior cams!!
  2. Field Day 2020

    The MARC used a Zoom meeting to connect all the club members at individual stations.
  3. License help

    I couldn't figure out from the website so I called and they were very helpful!!!!!!
  4. Outdoor Security Camera System

    I have Eufy cam2 battery last for 6 months. no fee, face recognition very movement sensitive, each cam has 3 zones, can upload as wanted to your PC.
  5. WTS 4X8 trailer

    Want to sell 4X8 utility trailer with 4ft ramp $550.00 PM me.
  6. Derry, Paxton, Westmoreland, and Greylock 2 Meter Repeaters

    What's your call?
  7. Lic Question

    When I got my tech I studied the book and did online test until I felt I was ready and took the test and passed!
  8. Antenna resources?

    MFJ has some window mount antennas, I never used one so don't know how well they work.
  9. Got a freebe from the state

    I knew about the fishing license, got that for the last 2 yrs, but it aint free ( they charge $1.80 for a convience fee) don't hunt anymore.
  10. Got a freebe from the state

    Went in for my renewal interview today, all went well, the best part was when the Sgt said yours is free this time because you're over 70 !!!!
  11. looking for the post with aminals crossing on a log

    Thanks Everyone that's it!!
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