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  1. Opening an unknown ammo spam can (AKA "Christmas Morning in the garage")

    I found an unopened spam can of ammo in a relative's storage area. I tried to decipher the faded markings and the best I could come up with was it was Bulgarian..unknown caliber but 7,62 something. I wanted to keep it sealed for a potential buyer but how could I sell it if I don't know what it...
  2. WTS Ammunition Estate Sale/locker Cleanout 5.56 45ACP 38 Special 357 mag .22 rimfire, mil-surp ammunition ,large pistol primers and more

    Last lot of ammunition from an estate 5.56 Factory Military Guatemalan 1/2 case in sealed boxes (in crate) 720 rd (2 x 360 sleeves) 600.00 (.83/rd) I shot the other half case at Knob Creek and the ammo was flawless in M-16 and M249 SAW Will split case into 360 rd sleeve @ 360.00 (1.00/rd)...
  3. MAADI ARM in 5.45 feeding issue

    I have an Egyptian Maadi SBR that was converted to 5.45 but not finished due to function issues. In a previous post I noted the trigger and hammer appeared to be incorrect and would not allow the bolt to cycle correctly; fortunately that was the issue and a new FCG fixed it and the weapon cycles...
  4. AK-74 SBR fix

    I bought an Egyption MAADI ARM project in 5.45. The seller said he couldn't get it to hand cycle correctly. I picked it up yesterday. While I own a couple of AK's I have never built one and do not have much experience with them. When hand cycling I quickly saw that the hammer is sitting way too...
  5. Friends of Jim Ballou

    If you were a friend and would like to attend a small get together drop me an email [email protected] thanks, Jim
  6. New Form 4 is out

  7. Class 3 Shoot this AM at Pelham Fish & Game

    I bought a nice bike yesterday from Executive's cousin..... but how to transport a MG on a bike????? Add the saddlebags, of course A South African BXP Panther 9mm subgun should fit.....it does! Chris' 1915 08/15 Maxim roared to life The Panther was popular A hot day but...
  8. Who's got the best price for 9mm 147g FMJ for local pick-up?

    I took out the Gemtech Mossad (for the Uzi) and my Gemtech Raptor (for the MP-5) over the weekend....took some new shooters out and we had a ball but I blasted through the last of my homegrown 9mm subsonic. I need to load up a couple of thousand more....anybody buy any 147g recently?? (I've had...
  9. Anybody reloading shotgun shells (209 primers)?

    Going through my Dad's old stuff and found 2,500 Remington and Winchester shotgun primers..I only reload rifle and pistol...if someone near Lawrence can use them drop me an IM. Jim
  10. Apex Gun Parts parts kit

    I saw they had Colt Commando parts kits on sale last week; a bit pricey at 750.00 but my M-16 XM-177 was getting a little long in tooth and the barrel was pretty worn. http://www.apexgunparts.com/parts-kits/colt-commando-parts-set-11-5-bbl-5-56mm-semi-vg-5429.html It came in today and I...
  11. Saturday shoot with a few friends

    Had a small but enjoyable shoot with a few friends yesterday. I brought a 1921 Thompson, HK MP-5, M-16A1, M3 Greasegun with suppressor, a BAR, and Russian RPK and a couple of 1911's for Jim 'BAR' Ballou.. Others brought some great weapons; we all agreed that we mostly left the beltfeds at home...
  12. Mfgr and demo day at HRO Salem NH Saturday

    I am going early..anyone gonna join me? Starts at 10am. http://http://www.hamradio.com/locations.cfm?storeid=9
  13. First DX HF contact last night

    I watched as Darkgriffin got on 20 and 40 meters and was making DX contacts all over europe (with his antenna strung all over his attic). I didn't have an antenna set up for HF until Tues when I went to HRO in Salem, NH and bought a G5RV dipole (44.99). I then had the fun of stringing this up...
  14. New Hams...anyone else apply for a vanity call?

    Out of the 23 new hams from the last CAARA exam I know that Darkgriffin and myself applied for and received vanity calls....anyone else? Any of my classmates that want to know our new calls (so you know it is us) drop me a pm.
  15. MSP and Springfield PD covered on 60 minutes

    Counterinsurgency Cops: Military tactics fight street crime - 60 Minutes - CBS News
  16. New license applicants from last Sat test; your new call should be in today

    I've been checking every day and mine came in at 1100am[laugh2]. Just in time for Near-Fest.... whahooo
  17. New Training Video

    Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this video RARE - LASD Pistol Team Exhibition, Historic, 1936, Color enhanced - YouTube
  18. Attn 1911 build experts; grip safety issue

    This is my 2nd build; first was a Govt 1911 on a Remsport frame. It went smoothly and weapon operated flawlessly. Just started fitting/assembly of my Remsport Commander frame with a used Colt slide/ parts bag. The only fitting I've run into has been the slide/frame rail interface and with about...
  19. how-kalashnikov-guns-are-made

    I have heard that they are in financial trouble......but this article seems to indicate otherwise. http://englishrussia.com/2012/04/22/how-kalashnikov-guns-are-made/#more-99232
  20. 1911 build; need plunger tube and ejector installed

    I picked up a Commander frame from Remsport a while back and I am ready to build another 1911...unfortunately I bought the frame without having the ejector and plunger tube installed. Any place on the north shore that does these? I can always ship it back to Remsport; I just thought I'd check...
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