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  1. Buying AR lower out of state

    I want to buy an AR lower out of state(NH). What is the process for bringing it back to Mass. Can I drive up and buy it and drive it back?
  2. Charity Gun Raffle!!! Help a great Cause and You could Win Big!!

    I would first like to thank everyone who donated!! You are beyond inspiring and will be a direct source of motivation while i am running tomorrow. I have contacted the winners directly and per the request of the winners, I will not post their names. Rest assured that although I hate to part with...
  3. Shops and Holsters

    Are there any shops around that stock decent holsters? I could order anything online, but I am the type who likes to see and try before I buy.
  4. Gun cabinet Warning... Stack-On review

    I just thought I would share an interesting new piece of info regarding to Stack-On gun cabinets. I have one of the small ones that hold a few handguns. I just use it for documents and other crap that I don't want just lying around. I realized that I couldn't find the keys and it isn't worth...
  5. Local break-ins...

    At two pm got a message from the local PD that someone posing as a state employee has been knocking on doors and asking the residents to come outside while they "inspect" the house for various reasons. Then they will let a second person in the back and ransack the place while the resident is out...
  6. Switched thread title

    I recently switched a wtt to a wts and someone moved it to the appropriate forum for me. Just wanted to say thanks. Joe
  7. Speedfeed Pistol grip

    Just ordered one of these, been looking for a while and this looks like it will hurt a lot less than the standard pistol grip set that came with my 590. I'll post some pics when I get it. http://www.stellarrigs.com/stellarknife/images/speedfeed/speedfeedpgss.JPG
  8. SHTF Vest/L.B.V.

    What does everyone have for a Vest or L.B.V.? I have one of...
  9. A2 Stock Prob

    The buffer tube is on super tight, I can't seem to take it apart. Any certain tricks to this? Thanks.
  10. SBR Forms Help

    I am lost trying to fill this out myself and was wondering if anyone would be willing to possibly meet up and talk me through it. Thanks so much, Joe
  11. Ruger Alaskan .44?

    I'm really pondering getting one of these very soon. Anyone have any experience with these or have any input? Thanks, Joe
  12. Shotgun deer season

    Anyone else going out this Monday?
  13. SHTF Gun?

    What would you say is the ideal gun for a shtf situation? Max capacity or max firepower? If you were on the move, what would you be using?
  14. AR-Pistol reg?

    How does one go about registering an AR lower as a pistol receiver? Links would be helpful and any info appreciated. Thanks
  15. Banned

    If someone gets "Banned", How is it that they keep on posting?
  16. Preservation Tips?

    Anyone have any info on preserving freshly killed game/meat/animals without refrigeration(I'm thinking in a hiking and camping-bare bones scenario)? Links and info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Checking a gun in at the airport?

    Is there a certain form or procedure for checking a gun in with my baggage? Either Jet Blue or Delta? Anyone have any info how this works?
  18. Need a certain wrench

    Anyone on the south shore have a Yankee hill forearm wrench I could borrow for a day or a few hours? I'd even buy it if you like. let me know, joe
  19. AR-15 Quad rail help needed!!!

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to disassemble this damned thing. It came pre-assembled. It is a solid quad rail(does not split in half). Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  20. AR-15 Extraction issue

    Every round that is fired, casing is jammed in the barrel. Feeds and extracts live ammo no prob. Just spent brass that gets stuck. Tried three different types of ammo and same problem with all. Leads me to believe its the barrel. Anything I can do to loosen it up of make it not jam. A thorough...
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