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  1. removing a blank message box

    I was entering into the gun give away and ended up with my entry box and another box to type in and I can not delete the empty/unused box. can someone help me? it shows up where ever I try to post something. thanks in advanced. just like here. bob

    I want to thank whoever the person is that paid for a green membership for me. I will pay this forward at some point in the hopefully near future. It is amazing how people will step up and show kindness to a complete stranger. I feel blessed to belong to this group of wonderful people. If i were...

    The Fairview Sportsmans Club is holding turkey shoots every Sunday until the end of April. The ammo is included with your entry in each round. Sign up is 8 AM shooting starts at 9AM. You can find our address and directions on our web site. The club is on Carver St in Granby Ma...

    Fairview sportsmans club is holding its annual coyote hunt. The hunt starts on Jan. 2nd 2017 until March 08.2017. You must stop and fill out an entry form for the contest. The forms will be available at the club just after Christmas. I will post the entry fee when i find out what it is. All...

    Fairview sportsmans club is hosting our 5th coyote hunt. All information about the hunt can be found on the clubs website. The website is in my signature line. The hunt will run from Feb. 1st through Mar. 5th. All hunting will be done in accordance to Ma. wildlife rules and regulations. After...
  6. LTC A

    My grandson turned 21 the 1st week in May. He made an appointment with the COP and applied for his permit. He received his LTC A with no restrictions on July 3rd. He is one happy grandson. For a first time applicant i think this was great turn around (timewise that is)...

    Please check out my post in the hunting forum for information on the 4th annual coyote hunt sponsored by Fairview Sportsmens Club. bob
  8. COYOTE HUNT.....2015

    I want to let you all know that Fairview Sportsmans Club is having their 4th annual coyote hunt. The hunt begins on Feb. 2nd and runs through March 7th. Coyotes can be from anywhere here in Ma. Prizes will be given for largest male, largest female and smallest coyote. Applications can be...

    in feb. 2014, the fairview sportsmens club will be having its 3rd annual coyote hunt. coyotes can be hunted anywhere in ma. i will post the exact dates that it will run as soon as i have the information. the clubs website is in my signature line. there is still info from last years hunt as it...
  10. trouble posting

    i am having trouble replying to posts, entering karmas, and just plain posting anything. bob
  11. coyote hunt

    the club i belong to is sponsoring a coyote hunt in feb. you can get info on it by logging onto the fairview website in my signature line. come and join us and help reduce the coyote population. last year was our 1st one and it was only for 1 week. it resulted in 21 less coyotes. this year it is...
  12. LTC

    my wifes LTC class A with no restrictions is in. the pd called but she is at work so now she can pick it up anytime after she gets home. it took 18 days from application until they called today. soon she will be picking out her own gun.
  13. finally my wife applied for ltc tonite

    after work today my wife and i went to the local PD and she applied for her class A ltc. this is her first ltc and the interviewing officer told us it should be back in 2 or 3 weeks. she has been shooting for a while now and decided that the time was right for her.

    green again, green again thank god i am green again. LOL. i was starting to get withdrawals while waiting for my renewal to kick in. glad to be back. thanks derek.
  15. saftey class

    my wife just passed the saftey class for her LTC...next step will be applying for it.

    i have to highly recommend r and r to everyone that likes a friendly, and knowledgable gun shop. they also carry a line of clothes, archery equiptment, and fishing tackle. they stand behind everything they sell....new or used. i picked up a shotgun there (used) a while back and had a problem...
  17. happy new year

    happy new year to all here on NES. im back after an 8 week stay in the hospital and rehab and a major fight with the big c. i am catching up on all the reading i missed and boy is it a lot. its good to be back and im sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot. once again happy new year from a very...
  18. how to become an instructor

    I am looking for info on how to become certified to run saftey courses for people who need them so that they can get their permits. I would like to be able to run safety classes for any else that wants to take the course too. I have access to a range and a place to hold the classes. If anyone...
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