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  1. Need Favor: Paper FA-10

    Hey all, I need a favor. Does someone have a paper FA-10 form they can mail/scan and email me? I have been trying to use the mass.gov website to do a E-FA10 for a LONG time now and every time I get an error and am told to email the administrator. Well surprise surprise no one actually answers...
  2. Garden Thread 2013

    Whats everyone doing for this upcoming gardening season?
  3. Zombie Shoot Oct 31

    Is anyone planning on attending the Zombie Shoot on Oct 31 at Nauset Rod & Gun Club? http://www.nausetrodandgun.com/
  4. The future is here

    Nike files patent for 'self-lacing trainers' just like those in Back to the Future Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1307701/Nike-files-patent-self-lacing-trainers-just-like-Back-Future-II.html#ixzz0yCNxiYDe
  5. Incorporating shooting into my resume

    So I am fine tuning my resume as I continue my search for a meaningful career based job. I have recently become an active participant in the shooting community. I have participated in Appleseed, IDPA, Second Amendment March in D.C., became a member of the Second Amendment Sisters for examples. I...
  6. Is it possible to take an Amendment to far?

    I am not imposing one opinion over another, I am simply setting the tone. I am genuinely interested in hearing peoples responses. Is it possible for an American Citizen to take the First Amendment too far? What sparks this question comes from an online conversation I witnessed about the local...
  7. Second Amendment Sisters

    Today I received my official Second Amendment Sister membership. I am really excited to join the organization and hope to be an active participant in the Massachusetts chapter. Is anyone else on NES an active SAS? I'd love to connect with some other members [cheers]
  8. Proud owner of my first handgun!

    So it has been completed, my first handgun transaction. I was delayed on Sunday during my first visit to the firearms store but 1 1/2 days later I got the call saying NICS has confirmed a proceed. I bought a Ruger SR9. I really liked the feel and weight of the gun, knowing I can use it as a...
  9. Recommendations for female shooters

    I am a beginner female shooter/gun owner and I’m starting to build up my collection of guns, safety gear, shooting clothes, accessories, and etc. For a lack of a better word, I like to identify myself as "girly" and would like to purchase products to show off my feminine side. Any...
  10. I'm a girl and can't buy a rifle.

    So here is a little background, I've got a Massachusetts LTC class A restricted hunting & target issued to me back in January 2008. I am attending Harvard, MA Appleseed next month and I wanted my own Ruger 10/22 to have some fun with. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods today to purchase my first...
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