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  1. Tired of hand trimming!

    Just began the long painstaking process of resizing all of my .223/5.56 brass, and realized I hate hand trimming. I am using a lyman acutrim hand trimmer, and going batsh*t crazy trying to get all of this brass set. I would like to upgrade to a electric trimmer of some sort, and wanted to see...
  2. 458 Socom Ammunition

    I have already purchased my RRA 458 Socom upper, and am awaiting delivery. In the mean time, I have been searching around my local area for some factory 458 Socom ammo, and come up short. I have purchased everything I need to reload for the Socom however, I would like at least a box or two of...
  3. .38 Special 148 gr HBWC

    Just found 1k of these kicking around, and wanted to see if anyone else had much luck with these using Unique powder. I am trying to use up the pound of powder and was thinking 3.5 grains of Unique powder under one of these 148 grain HBWCs.
  4. Count your brass!

    Not going to mention any names, but ordered some .458 Socom brass from " ", and received them in the mail within a reasonable amount of time. When i removed them from the shipping box I found 2 bags labeled 50. I proceeded to remove them from the bags, and counted them to verify the...
  5. New Acquisitions for February 2012

    Guess its my turn to start this. Just bought this 15 minutes ago! Oh, the brass is a new acquisition as well. 100 rounds of brandy new 458 Socom Brass![smile]
  6. Tula Ammo .308

    I just picked up a single shot H&R Handi-Rifle in .308, does anyone have any experience with the Tula Ammo in that caliber for that type of rifle? I have some higher quality ammo for hunting, I was just looking for plinking ammo that was cheap, and at 8.97 a box at Walmart it doesn't get much...
  7. The Everything "Bubba" Mega Thread (home made goodness)

    Now tell me I'm not the only one with a home made rifle rest. Now I can't take credit for building this one, but I can give credit to the builder. My uncle created this masterpiece before he passed away. It was made from plywood, metal bracing, and the bottom of an office chair. It allows for...
  8. Eye Protection

    I usually don't worry about this as I wear glasses, but can anyone recommend a set of shooting glasses that will fit over my glasses and function properly.
  9. Smith & Wesson Model 22A......Any thoughts?

    I am looking to get some feedback on Smith & Wesson's Model 22A pistol. Are they worth a hoot?
  10. To build an AR or purchase an AR......That is the question?

    Cheesy title, but it gets the point across...I hope! I am just now really taking an interest in building or purchasing an AR. The rifles principle purpose would most likely be strictly for target shooting, so 5.56/.223 is definitely the caliber I am looking for. With no experience in this...
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