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  1. WTS TC Hot Shot Capsules

    I have a full box of 44 mag at 40.00 Cash picked up locally. The 357 ones are missing one maybe two. I found the missing one and another whole box 35.00 each box for them. I'm in western mass close to Springfield.
  2. Old and "not" obsolete a 22 hornet

    I picked this old gal up recently. It is a Savage 23D from Utica, NY Only had it to the range once so far but she hasn't lost a step. I reload a lot of different cartridges and it's mainly 1 or 2 loads that I'd develope for any of them and be done. This I am seeing potential for a myriad of...
  3. WW II # 10 signal flares

    I Don't know too much about these and absolutely nothing about the container. It may be something totally unrelated but was hoping someone here may actually know. The container does seem pretty water resistant any help positively identifying ?
  4. Deleo....The snake in this ?

    I think Deleo himself is the snake head in this. Read and look at the date. http://news.wgbh.org/2016/06/16/politics-government/deleo-opens-look-further-gun-control-measures
  5. Who thinks we should be there tomorrow Sunday ?

    I do and am up for making a Deleo sign If he wants to protect her let it be known
  6. WTS Kudu mount for sale....price lowered

    Location : Agawam/Feeding hills Description : A kudu head/mount.....not perfect.... the nose is scuffed and the ear could use resetting. I think these would both be minor things to have it perfect but want to point them out. Really a neat item if you have room for it....the horns are...
  7. value of a 98/40 ?

    I was trying to get an idea for a friend. Having a real hard time especially with it having missing parts. any help would be appreciated Pictures of what is there.
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