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  1. Old reloads 30-06

    Collet puller for the projos, dump the powder on the lawn. Reload the brass if they're not bad with known powder and the same projos. [smile]
  2. WTT WTT/WTS Rifle & Pistol powder - updated

    For trade / For sale: Rifle Powders 5x Ramshot X-Terminator (suitable for .223, etc) 5x 1lb Accurate 2460 (.223, .308 etc) 5x 1lb Accurate 4350 (.243, .300wmag, etc) 8lb jug Accurate 2520 (.308. For heavy .223 projos) 1 lb Accurate #11FS (magnum handgun, also .300BLK Pistol/Shotgun Powders...
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