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  1. Opening an unknown ammo spam can (AKA "Christmas Morning in the garage")

    I just added it to my ad in accessories section if anyone wants it
  2. Opening an unknown ammo spam can (AKA "Christmas Morning in the garage")

    I found an unopened spam can of ammo in a relative's storage area. I tried to decipher the faded markings and the best I could come up with was it was Bulgarian..unknown caliber but 7,62 something. I wanted to keep it sealed for a potential buyer but how could I sell it if I don't know what it...
  3. WTS Ammunition Estate Sale/locker Cleanout 5.56 45ACP 38 Special 357 mag .22 rimfire, mil-surp ammunition ,large pistol primers and more

    Last lot of ammunition from an estate 5.56 Factory Military Guatemalan 1/2 case in sealed boxes (in crate) 720 rd (2 x 360 sleeves) 600.00 (.83/rd) I shot the other half case at Knob Creek and the ammo was flawless in M-16 and M249 SAW Will split case into 360 rd sleeve @ 360.00 (1.00/rd)...
  4. Has anyone here ever built a Sten?

    I was at the Knob Creek MG Shoot in 2000; it was Sunday (last day) and the vendors were packing up to leave. I went a by a guy's table that had been selling STEN parts kits and mags. I told him I needed spare parts and some mags for my Mark 11. He pointed to a box of parts and said "I'll make...
  5. MAADI ARM in 5.45 feeding issue

    "Sounds like most places that have been having this issue it’s ammo or mag. Steel case fmj. " "So I think it is the mag and you might want to experiment. " Ding Ding Ding, Winner! I was using a Century converted 5.45 to 5.56 mag...when I switched to a Russian Izhmash plum AK74 mag the gun fed...
  6. AK-74 SBR fix

    I successfully test fired it yesterday; 3 30 round mags with no issues. I checked the brass and everything appeared to be OK. Fun little AKS-74U!
  7. What to build next?**Imbel FAL**

    For inspiration; I built 2 STG-58's on Imbel receivers. After assembly I took the wood-stocked rifle to the 200 yard range. The sights were untouched from when the rifle was de-milled. I hit the steel first shot. I was impressed.
  8. MAADI ARM in 5.45 feeding issue

    That was my thought also; just ordered one. Thanks
  9. MAADI ARM in 5.45 feeding issue

    I have an Egyptian Maadi SBR that was converted to 5.45 but not finished due to function issues. In a previous post I noted the trigger and hammer appeared to be incorrect and would not allow the bolt to cycle correctly; fortunately that was the issue and a new FCG fixed it and the weapon cycles...
  10. AK-74 SBR fix

    My new Century AK trigger came in yesterday; solved the problem. Now I need a headspace gauge for 5.45x39; I'm concerned that if the builder screwed up the trigger I don't think I can trust that it has been headspaced properly. I want to check it prior to test firing. Anyone want to rent me a...
  11. AK-74 SBR fix

    That was my thought process; figured some of the builders here might have run into a similar mix-up. Your pictures sure seem to bear that out.
  12. AK-74 SBR fix

    I bought an Egyption MAADI ARM project in 5.45. The seller said he couldn't get it to hand cycle correctly. I picked it up yesterday. While I own a couple of AK's I have never built one and do not have much experience with them. When hand cycling I quickly saw that the hammer is sitting way too...
  13. Anyone spent time with a Yaesu FT-897d?

    Sent you a message
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