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  1. WTB WTB Honda CRF 50 dirtbikes

    Fishing for a needle in a haystack here....but the boys (7&8) have been saving up for dirt bikes for almost 2 years. I have the money to kick in the rest now and would love to get them for Christmas. I'm not having a ton of luck finding two in the same condition or price range. Any chance...
  2. Hiker dies in the Presidentials

    Having hiked Washington this past December and Pierce just last weekend, I can say from experience this woman was an idiot to go out alone. The tree markings are buried in snow and trail signs are easy to miss even with a partner. Weather and wind is totally unpredictable. Monroe to Adams where...
  3. NES get together at BBC Sandwich (Cape Cod)

    [smile]!! Game plan TBA soon! To top last years shenanigans will take some tactical strategizing!
  4. My humble review of Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander

    Great review, because it is a great gun. I love my Commander and have the full size as well. The Commander makes a nice carry.
  5. Sig P938 FTE question

    Thanks for replies, will try your deep cleaning method ruebarb and let you know.
  6. Sig P938 FTE question

    Hey all, it's been a while :) Had a hiccup with my edc at the range yesterday, the P938. It's had 400 rounds of 115 grain winchester white box through it, and about 40 rounds of the 124 grain gold dot jhp with no problems whatsoever. I was given some (...old looking) boxes of lawman 124 grain...
  7. Help!! M&P Shield Supertuck holster help

    Yes he will, I asked to do the same!
  8. NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home - March or May 2014

    Beat me to it Brian! Wanted to post something somewhere to rave; this really is an informative class. Len is a great teacher, his wealth of legal knowledge and of specific case studies made for great discussions. We spent a few hours at the range running some great drills. He took the time to...
  9. NES get together at BBC Sandwich (Cape Cod)

    Last picture, haha. Maybe he's born with it? So when's the next one?? We're way too much fun of a group to not do this frequently.
  10. NES get together at BBC Sandwich (Cape Cod)

    THANKS ERRYBUDDY! WHAT A GREAT TIME!! <----this thanks does not go out to that wanker Ben Everything I hoped it'd be, such an awesome crowd of people! Hope to do it again soon!! Did we name the lady friend? I vote for Pass Around Patty, she got some action!
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