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  1. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Just got my email Submitted 12/26 Now to get the barrel cut
  2. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Last one took 21 days so I spoiled. trying not to think about it but then I read here. Got my stamp.
  3. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    is there anyway to get an update on the status? i submitted on 12/26/20 mailed prints on 12/28/20 prints received on 12/31/20 thx gary
  4. gunsmith to cut a barrel

    Made it to Gartman this weekend. Gunsmith is closed for good I don’t have the tools or knowledge to cut it myself. So I’m ok paying someone else. just waiting for the email with my stamp now. The I’ll call Santurri
  5. Help I’d this round

    Thx everyone. I added them to my misc ammo wts.garyz
  6. Help I’d this round

    Thx everyone for the info Next question what do I do with them? I don’t own anything in 3006. Nor do I plan on it. No idea if they are factory or reloads. is there value in them for components. I have 15 rounds. Do people by misc ammo for parts?
  7. Help I’d this round

    Learned something new. Thanks
  8. Help I’d this round

    Sry. What will magnet tell me. And what do I put it on. The tip? thanks for figuring out that it’s 30-06 tx
  9. Help I’d this round

    found a magnifyer looks like 42 u t
  10. Help I’d this round

    Helped out a friend and took box of misc ammo. Can anyone I’d what this round is Have 16 rounds of it. I can’t make out what is stamped on it thx Garyz
  11. gunsmith to cut a barrel

    Reached out to Santurri $150 for cut and thread. looks like gunsmith at Gartman sis closed until further notice Any other suggestions. Just want to have options if there out there Thanks to Scott’s for info and pics Th Gary
  12. gunsmith to cut a barrel

    Thanks for the suggestions. Not sure if gunsmith at Gartman is open now last I saw they closed for awhile As for removing the barrel. From what I have found online. It’s a p i t a. Have to split the shell open. Not like regular uzi. Barrel doesn’t just come out after removing the nut. not...
  13. gunsmith to cut a barrel

    looking for suggestions for gunsmith, on the south shore (i'm in brockton) to cut a barrel down. gun is an iwi uzi, 22lr so i can't just buy a new barrel. thx gary
  14. Letter of personal reference

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate the info. Template. And suggestions. Gsry
  15. Letter of personal reference

    Been ask by a friend to write a letter of reference/ recommendation. Or what ever it is. As he’s applying for his gun license. Have know him for years. No issue doing it. However I have no idea what to write. Anyone willing to share some guidance on what to write Thanks Gary
  16. registering an sbr

    Because it would not take it as a rifle. And it has to be registered. Right?
  17. registering an sbr

    mass portal took it as a pistol thanks
  18. registering an sbr

    didn't see firearm as an option, it's an sbr ar style , ar style pistole is not legal in mass, right? will system allow me to select pistol i will try in the morning thx
  19. registering an sbr

    got my stamp and my parts. tried to register it on the mass gun portal, and it will not take a rifle under 16" what do i do? sorry if this has been asked before, i seached but didn't find anything thanks garyz
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