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  1. Gun & Sport North

    Robert has invested in a building, and has moved his business from Lawrence Ma to Salem NH. He is now located at 488 South Broadway ( Rt 28 ) Salem, NH. The building is just over the NH border. It is a newly remodeled, handicap accessible, and has plenty of off street parking. In the past...
  2. Ice Fishing Derby Haverhill,Ma Jan 26

    See our website HHRG.Org Sorry the date is wrong. Saturday January 24th!
  3. surplus 7.62 - 51 dangerous?

    I'm trying to track down information on some old surplus 7.62 CBC? It was suppose to be recalled because it was dangerous. I remember reading about it in one of the forums, but can't find the info now that I need it.
  4. Welcome home gift

    The membership of Haverhill Hound Rod and Gun Club voted last year to give 1st years membership to any member of the armed forces returning from deployment in the Middle East. Our website HHRG.Org for details.
  5. great reloading bench plans

    Found this while surfing. It's probably one of the best ideas I've found if you have limited room. I don't know how to use this computor. My attemps to grab the images and pdf plans from Ray-Vin's website failed. You'll have to go to his site and see it for yourself, sorry. Maybe someone better...
  6. brass cleaning - ultrasonic?

    Has anyone tried an ultrasonic cleaner for their brass yet? If so how did it work?
  7. ice fishing derby

    Haverhill Hound Rod ang Gun 2007 Annual Ice Fishing Derby Sunday February 25th 7 AM to 3 PM registration at 6 AM for more info, contact [email protected] 978-337-6888 or WWW.HHRG.org
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