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  1. Spotting scope advice

    I've been reading a lot of people in Highpower are using the Konus 80 scope. There is even a guy selling them and then letting you get a good amount of your money back in trade towards his higher priced scopes if you decide to move up in the future. I guess there are a lot of them these days...
  2. no space to reload

    Only thing I would caution about reloading in your kitchen, most lead found in people is ingested!! Probably another place would be better if you have children..
  3. Range Question

    It could be he had a close call in his past, and wanted to be absolutely sure your firearm was safe while you were handling it and setting up ?? Most people have good habits and are safe, but being able to look over, see an open bolt, better an OBI , goes a long way towards peace of mind to...
  4. Need ideas for reloading workbench

    You have experience with the Lee press mounting system? It looks like a simple economical idea....
  5. New target/range rifle shooter-what to buy?-

    After reading what you want to accomplish as a shooter, I have to agree with the suggestion of the AR-15. Shop around now that the panic buying seems to be past us. 223 is most a good affordable all around caliber to 600 yards, with handloads, and to 300 with available match ammo. A 1/8 twist...
  6. AR-15 Lubrication

    I've been reading that 5/20w synthetic motor oil is good. Any one use it in their AR?
  7. berdan primers?

    What method are you using to remove the primers?? I read an article in one of those old Handloader Magazines, left in the clubhouse, that had a method to convert berdan system to boxer primers.....
  8. reloading supplies near Derry,N.H.

    There's Al's right on 102 in Derry. He has reloading supplies. There is much more in his shop than you can see. You need to ask him or his help for what you are looking for. Gun & Sport North on 28 Salem NH also has many supplies.
  9. 1911 Red Dot

    Could be he wants to shoot bullseye and the gun doesn't have adjustable sights??? If so, LPA makes an adjustable sight that replaces the factory one, and uses the factory front sight too. Think I saw them somewhere for $60. Most all top shooters in league I've been in use red dots. They all...
  10. NRA Mid & Long Range F- Class shooting Karma

    The Palmetto state armory has Privi partison 308 match and federal match at decent prices.
  11. NRA Mid & Long Range F- Class shooting Karma

    Have any of you experienced longrange shooters seen how the new 6.5 Creedmore round is performing ?
  12. really? start with a 22?

    How about you buy a pistol that will do both.... 1911s come in 45, 38super, 9mm, and you can get an upper assembly which shoots 22!!! You spend a little more up front, but then you have small and large caliber. This also lets you get good trigger feel of one gun. Live in a free state? CZ 75B...
  13. Suggestions for NEW scope for Remington 700 in .223

    Try looking to see what Natchez has left on Bushnell 3200. Scope line is discontinued and there are some great prices. Only wish I had money to invest.
  14. Rifle Competitions with an AR-15 ?

    What is impractical about an A3 flat top, 20 inch 1-8 twist barreled AR. Add a removable carry handle sight, standard front post sight, and a decent match trigger. The handle is removable, so you can use a scope, red dot, etc etc. 1- 8 twist barrel will stabilize 80 grn and down bullets. Put...
  15. custome build a bolt action rifle

    Midway I think Midway and Brownwells have some videos on Utube about building off Mauser 98 actions using their hand tools for truing barreling and reaming etc.
  16. custome build a bolt action rifle

    Choose a use tactical, varmint, across the course, benchrest, FT_R etc. This will give you an idea of what action, stock, caliber, barrel. Figure a budget you can afford to double up on quick. Do a lot of reading in places like accurate shooter, THR and other sites. If you aren't a great...
  17. Rifle Competitions with an AR-15 ?

    I'm hearing Hornady 75 grn A-max is giving good results, and not expensive. Most are shooting 69 SEIRRAs.
  18. help me make a $1000 decision

    Shop for a nice clean used 1911, and buy a lower receiver. Shoot first while assembling second.
  19. 7.62x39 ammo

    I've used a pretty good cleaner for corrosive ammo. 1/3 isopropyl alcohol, 1/3 hydrogen peroxide,, and 1/3 murphy's oil soap. Seems to do the trick , and easy to make.
  20. AR build and NRA high power service rifle requirements

    I see where you can buy the whole Fulton DCM rifle for a little over $900.00 til midnight..
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