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  1. Help I’d this round

    Helped out a friend and took box of misc ammo. Can anyone I’d what this round is Have 16 rounds of it. I can’t make out what is stamped on it thx Garyz
  2. gunsmith to cut a barrel

    looking for suggestions for gunsmith, on the south shore (i'm in brockton) to cut a barrel down. gun is an iwi uzi, 22lr so i can't just buy a new barrel. thx gary
  3. Letter of personal reference

    Been ask by a friend to write a letter of reference/ recommendation. Or what ever it is. As he’s applying for his gun license. Have know him for years. No issue doing it. However I have no idea what to write. Anyone willing to share some guidance on what to write Thanks Gary
  4. registering an sbr

    got my stamp and my parts. tried to register it on the mass gun portal, and it will not take a rifle under 16" what do i do? sorry if this has been asked before, i seached but didn't find anything thanks garyz
  5. 22lr vs 22 long rifle

    what is the difference between LRand long rifle, i know the lr is longer will long rifle work in a lr gun Fixed it thx gary
  6. glock 22lr conversion kits

    anyone have first hand experience with a 22lr conversion kit for a glock specifically, a glock 21 have been looking at advantage arms, seeing mixed reviews are there any other kits for the glock 21 thx garyz
  7. 22l ar pistol?

    in MA, can we have an ar pistol, 22lr, using a brace, that does not have a fixed mag? thx garyz
  8. can you undo a form 1

    i have a sbr that i would like to undo, back to non nfa configuration is there a way to do that? my concern is , if/when i sell it, does it red flag as nfa thx garyz
  9. lost my im conversation

    got an im from a member about a gun i'm looking for, i responded. went into my conversations tonight, and the im conversation is not there? any idea / thoughts thx garyz
  10. 22lr conversion kit for glock

    thinking about a 22lr conversion kit for my glock, i have seen advantage arms online, are there any other company's who make the kits, does anyone have experience with advantage arms, or any other company i have a gen3 glock21 sf thx gary
  11. how long / short of a barrel

    picked up a sw 15-22 and thinking about doing the ppwk to sbr it wondering how long/ short to go on the barrel . also, has anyone sbr a 15-22 ? thx garyz
  12. renewal

    anyone renew their ltc lately, how long did it take? I expire in may, and the pd gave me an appointment in april thx garyz
  13. multiple feedback for same post

    when entering feedback for i trader, it requires a deal url link i had a multi gun wts add but itrader is not letting me link the same url for different people is there a way to leave itrader feedback w/o the url, also, since closed out adds are deleted, will that cause an issue for...
  14. can't mark classifieds read

    not sure if i'm missing it, or it's being worked on, but all forums, except the classified, have an option to "mark as read" but I can't find this option for classifieds. was there earlier is it being worked on? thx garyz
  15. pls delete

    I received a pm regarding a gsg 522 rifle I have for sale unfortunately, I deleted it by accident to whomever pm'd me, can you please resend sry/ thx garyz **** found it pls delete
  16. wilmington show nov 11/12

    is there a show at the shriners in wilmington this weekend?
  17. single stack 9mm options

    looking for options for a single stack 9mm pistol shield and 1911 first options that came to mind what else is out there? thx garyz
  18. canik

    anyone have one, looking for opinions thinking about getting one feels ok in my hand , but have never shot one thx garyz
  19. marlbobo sept 24 / 25

    got the flyer in the mail saturday any thoughts on what it will be like since the change
  20. new bolt carrier group

    i bought a new bcg from palmetto, it ships dry. i bought some clp. do i just spray the bcg liberally or do i need to soak it? thx garyz
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