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  1. Ban on manufacturing "assault guns" in Massachusetts

    I read somewhere that Doctor mistakes kill over 500,000 people per year ! Shut down all the Medical schools in Ma. ?
  2. Pellet rifles

    Maybe, I tried to order pellets years ago and was stopped at checkout, I don't usually go back to sites that do that once.
  3. New member

    So Dupes can refer themselves?
  4. Pellet rifles

    They won't ship to Ma., not even pellets.
  5. Police Officer Who MURDERED Ashli Babbitt Won’t Face Charges

    Fancy Nancy just said she was a "Street Fighter" and those insurrectionists are just lucky the CP/SS made her leave or she would have Kicked some Ass.
  6. Something BIG is happening in Mass

    You are in a Public Union and may have to WORK ???????
  7. An M1 Garand question.

    Plus 2 for BLO, can't go wrong on that, lighten up on all sanding, less is better.
  8. Police Officer Who MURDERED Ashli Babbitt Won’t Face Charges

    At the very least he should be fired, Red Flagged, turn in his weapon and NEVER allowed to have any weapon again in his life. And Never be employed as a crossing Guard, night watchman or mall cop, nothing with a ounce of Authority of any kind.
  9. ATF Playlist

    Why am I thinking of Vincent Price and not the AFT ?
  10. UMass Daily Collegian: Pack the court, pass gun reform

    He really has to work at being that Dumb !
  11. Biden’s executive action

    OK I will compromise with you no more then 99 in what you call a clip and it does not effect Belt Fed weapons.
  12. Thread Protector or Brake for threaded rifle barrel muzzle

    I refuse to worry about what if's ! F**k Em !
  13. How to get more people interested in your for sale posts !!!!!

    I have already told my only son to list our house in the NES Classifieds, Capitalizing that is has a Parlor not a living room.....
  14. Thread Protector or Brake for threaded rifle barrel muzzle

    I have been shooting since 1968 and lived in mass. since 1980 and NEVER had any weapons checked for anything, why do you Care?
  15. NRA’s Cleans House/downward spiral megathread, Update post 567 NRA Staffer Used $40K in NRA Money to Pay for Family Wedding

    I became a Life member at a time we could not really afford it and I'll be damned if I will jump ship after the NRA helped Gun ranges, hunter safety, children gun education and every Boy Scout Camp I ever went to as a Scout and Leader. I have to admit Wayne is a self-serving A**hole and should...
  16. Ready or not, REAL ID is coming

    But not at the border !!!! All set walk right in, Oh wait we get you a Bus or plane Ticket.
  17. Ready or not, REAL ID is coming

    They want to implant it in my HIP ????
  18. M1 Garand Megathread

    Glad I bought at $0.64 each for 500 from TS. last year in march, $320.00 total for PPU.
  19. Biden’s executive action

    Beto would be more fun, Skateboarding to Gun buy backs....
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