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  1. New England Steyr Dealers?

    There's a nice integrated optic mount for the M1 made by Manticore Arms. I'm happy with mine. Right now it has a Kdot but I'm trying to sell the optic for a 1-6x instead.
  2. New England Steyr Dealers?

    @C. Stockwell what came of the demo gun?
  3. Calling all CZ people

  4. New England Steyr Dealers?

    As I understand it, Steyr has a VIP program where you contact them and they will send a gun(s) to your FFL free of charge for you to check out. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Steyr Arms product, but are finding it difficult to locate the firearm(s) you’re interested in, simply...
  5. Calling all CZ people

    Nope. Not there. Bump for a good cause.
  6. Calling all CZ people

    Nah. Got rid of all that bologna when I left Boston.
  7. FIRST LOOK: SilencerCo Non-NFA Maxim 9 Is the ‘Quietest Pistol Ever’

    Haters gonna hate:rolleyes:. That exquisite piece of 9mm Austrian engineering is worth 14 hipoint 995s. Good call on the Maxim though...
  8. FIRST LOOK: SilencerCo Non-NFA Maxim 9 Is the ‘Quietest Pistol Ever’

    Yep. I'm done with silencerco. They'll not get anymore of my money.
  9. FIRST LOOK: SilencerCo Non-NFA Maxim 9 Is the ‘Quietest Pistol Ever’

    I am not impressed with the Maxim 9.
  10. Calling all CZ people

    Somebody's got to know this guy...
  11. Calling all CZ people

    Three or four years ago I sold a very nice CZ 75 Shadow SA built by the custom shop through NES. Last three of the serial number is ...415. If you bought this gun from me, I have some stuff for you. Please PM me. If anyone knows the bodyshop guy on the north shore, let him know I'm looking to...
  12. Utah Gun Exchange parks truck with "machine gun" next Lexington Battle Green, liberal heads explode

    Cool. I sell a shit ton of stuff on UGE. Best site for selling things out here.
  13. Dick’s shocked to find their gun sales plummeting

    Ha! Dicks, a store that I'll never again patronize. Choke on a bag of dicks, Dick's.
  14. NFA SITREP: Approval Wait Times Are Dropping

    I hope so. Probably be getting a .308 suppressor on black Friday if the price is right.
  15. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    My Avatar no longer dances. Such a dissapointment
  16. Classic Buck 110's = Automatic Knives (For NH Members)

    I was just at bladehq yesterday picking something up. They easily have tens of thousands of knives in their building. It's an incredible sight seeing so many boxes lining row after row of shelving.
  17. NRA Caves on Bump Stocks

    ****ing NRA will never get a cent of my money going forward. Goodbye you quisling pieces of shit.
  18. MA exemption to 10 round capacity limit

    I don't see how this is so hard to comprehend. The law is black and white.
  19. Paul Ryan IS Holding Back National Concealed Carry Bill

    Paul Ryan is a douchebag of the highest order. Like McCain and Romney, I wish they'd just go away and never come back.
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