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  1. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Shooters Outpost removed the Masks required sign. It now says something like "masks not required" or "masks recommend" The still do hand sanitizer at the door and those with masks are asked to take them off and look at the camera
  2. Facebook deleted 619DW Guns&Ammo business page because of the store's mask policy.

    Lady kills her child and HIS child. Some people can in unlimited victimhood are unable to blame a female for anything (Keep in mind I never met him. He could be a POS but he did not murder his child)
  3. Facebook deleted 619DW Guns&Ammo business page because of the store's mask policy.

    All people that would not be customers anyways. Even when they pretend to be firearm owners/2A
  4. Automobile shotgun mounts

    Something to do with hunting /poaching from the side of the road/vehicle
  5. Went to Dean Safety at the mill

    CDS has a decent ammo selection even with everything going on. I have probably bought a couple thousand rounds post election with no wait. Also Bought a firearm from CDS as well as at Dean/MAGA and a couple from Defensive Dynamics upstairs. Place is full of choices
  6. Called out for not wearing a mask

    I always wear a mask at my own location because of optics and the mask police. I never bother people about not wearing one and I do not have a sign about wearing masks. (Because I am not the mask police). I have got three calls from Karen’s about seeing people in my store without masks. I...
  7. Magazine couplers in MA

    Not illegal as of today. Buy them up
  8. Went to Dean Safety at the mill

    I think the sign was on a non firearm related businesses
  9. Went to Dean Safety at the mill

    Of course some have more profitable endeavors outside the FFL or more enjoyable or just use it to own personal things. but why are 40+ FFLs all part time. Is it not possible to be profitable full time? I see margins at 16-10% and yes those are terrible margins.
  10. California Motorcycle Cop Dispatches Homicide Suspect

    What is he riding? Something Japanese I assume .
  11. Ohio man with AK-47 arrested in Times Square subway station

    He was/is black with a Mulism first name He has a European last name Sounds like someone who got caught up. If he wanted to do something I assume he would have. Makes no sense to walk around with a rifle in the open and unloaded if you mean harm Seems like he mistakenly thought the...
  12. NH woman caught up by TSA in FL with handgun. (video)

    She knew the law. For some reason she tried to lie and say she forgot her permit at home At one point she says she doesn't need one in NH I bet he is ignorant it is possible to carry without a permission slip I guess this is a example of just shutting up because you are not talking out of 90%...
  13. NH woman caught up by TSA in FL with handgun. (video)

    He keeps asking her for a carry permit because he doesn't understand that you do not need one in NH. She says she has one (Lie, once you exclude the constitution as your permit to carry) and they check and she doesn't have one Glock 43 seized Charged with a felony Dropped the felony charge...
  14. NM State Police Officer Killed by AR-15 Toting Drug Dealer ... Dashcam Vid Released

    Who was the second group of people that came up? EDIT Looks like Homeland security left him hanging A Homeland Security Investigations official, in a statement to ABC-7 on Friday, said Jarrott was among a group of NMSP officers on Thursday who "were assisting HSI special agents in an...
  15. Anyone been to fsguns lately?

    It’s clear they are successful. May be the most successful(profit) in this state Can anyone guess the logic of keeping that small closet in the back of an office building?
  16. Maryland trooper shoots, kills teenager who had airsoft gun

    Soon to be banned
  17. ***SCAM ALERT***

    I tried to purchase something on the website (as a test) and I see nothing to actually purchase. I wonder what the end game is on the scam
  18. Help with Weymouth....

    If you have a paid for home you would need to take out a mortgage for proof of residency 😎 If you did not drive or own a vehicle you would need to buy one
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