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  1. Sold

    Location :Northborough, MA Description : This is basically a brand new 16" barrel, upper receiver. I bought two and used the other which has a bull barrel. I'll include a picture of that one below in case anyone wants to see it. Also, I just like posting pictures of it because I'm in love with...
  2. WTS Viridian C5L Green Laser/Tac Light Combo (2 are for sale)

    Location :Northborough, MA Description :Used Viridan C5L Green Laser/Tac Light Combo. I have two of these for sale and I have owned these items for several years and really like the engineering. I am selling them because they have been attached to pistols that I do not ever really use so the...
  3. WTS Brand new in Package: Carlson's Long Beard XR Lok'd & Lethal Turkey Choke .650 for 12 Gauge: Beretta and Benelli Mobil Choke Shotguns-$40 shipped

    The title really kind of says it all. It's brand new. $40 including shipping to the continental United States only. Cheers.
  4. Legal to sell?

    Hi all, I am fairly new to actively participating in forums and I am sorry if I just failed to find existing info on this. I really did try. I have a gen 3 glock 22 that I bought when I lived in California. I moved to Mass and have the gun registered to me now here. Can I sell it...
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