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  1. Buttstock Extender - Anyone seen one?!

  2. Home security camera system question

    Blue iris or GTFO
  3. White House says Biden prepared to issue EO’s on guns

    Or just put your arms to good use and resist tyranny. You can only arrest the willing.
  4. Gold and silver prices are down

    It is laughable. Absolutely silly. No one should want to have any. You should all sell any if you have it. Brb, while I go try and accumulate all the BTC I possibly can.
  5. AR in x39?

    This gives me pause. I built two and stocked up on cheep steel when I saw the writing on the wall regarding prices. Maybe I’ll buy a spare bolt as insurance. But I was hoping to be able to run a few thousand rounds through them to keep/increase proficiency on the platform
  6. AR in x39?

    The lug issue is because it’s a bolt designed for 5.56 hogged out to 7.62. Less material on the lugs, hence weaker. Shot for shot the 7.62 will break sooner
  7. AR in x39?

    Standard carbine springs. 16” carbine gas has standard buffer. 10.5” carbine gas needed a very light buffer. I forget oz but light.
  8. Biden gun control fearmongering Megathread

    I realize for the vast majority, what you describe would be reality. But my point stands. You own them, you could take them wherever you please and try use them in a safe manner. If someone objects, you have choices you can make. Not saying they are easy choices. But it’s also not exactly...
  9. Biden gun control fearmongering Megathread

    Fixed it for you. Guns are sort of like bearer bonds. Whomever has them, owns them, and should they chose, can likely continue to own them so long as they are breathing and have a little ammo on hand. The blessing of the crown has little bearing on that reality other than accelerating the...
  10. Anyone been to fsguns lately?

    Well, f*ck you very much sir, now I simply have to acquire one of these. Ugh. Super cool
  11. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    This is what prime really shines for. Especially when they actually have things in stock and by the box. Decided to grab a few boxes of the x39 brass because... reasons. But I get the case pricing and free shipping. That’s worth it to me.
  12. Gold and silver prices are down

    In that case yes the premiums are a loss. I’ve heard it rumored that the spot price is actually artificially low and large players are currently paying premiums as well because that’s what it costs to actually obtain physical.
  13. Gold and silver prices are down

    So you believe that If you were a serious player like a mint or an industrial supplier and you tried to place a multi ton order at current spot prices, you’d find an abundance of sellers at those listed spot prices? No premium?
  14. Gold and silver prices are down

    What do you think of the idea that the physical market is the true indication of price and the paper market is being suppressed? Rumors of COMEX not wanting people to take physical delivery of futures/options and trying to settle in cash, etc. Like the premium is only a premium If there is...
  15. Gold and silver prices are down

    Yeah maybe it didn’t come across in my post but that was why I didn’t just say “weight” but said “purity and weight” 1lb of 99.99999% silver is worth roughly the same as 2lb of 50.00% silver. Weight on a scale is only relevant If the purity is known.
  16. Gold and silver prices are down

    Commodities are valued as commodities, not by the branding. Only comes into play if you are buying and selling based on the numismatics, whereas the bullion market is based on purity and weight of the commodity.
  17. Shotgun Muzzle Devices In Massachusetts

    Thanks all for the input, you have confirmed my suspicions. And as for my friend, he got a chuckle out of reading this, as did I. He was asking if I knew, not telling me what’s what. Looks like he’ll be good to go for whatever device he chooses
  18. Shotgun Muzzle Devices In Massachusetts

    I literally am asking for a friend. He seems to have been informed somewhere along the line that there are restrictions regarding muzzle devices for shotguns in Massachusetts. Specifically breaching devices. He's looking at a brake that is marketed as also being good for door breaching...
  19. AR in x39?

    ASC mags required tweaking in my experience. C products duramags were good to go out of the box. My understanding is that 20’s and 28’s are preferred. The 30rd duramags are earlier versions and I can’t say for sure If they are g2g. The newest generation with all the right tweaks is marketed...
  20. 3 neighbors dead following snow removal dispute in PA township

    Take a spin through the comments on the video itself if you wanna add another layer of pissed off to your mood. Didn’t even cross my mind that this would be something exciting for the woke crowd or that they would find a way to tie it into black history month. Needless to say, humanity never...
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