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  1. Non police carrying retention holsters?

    Anyone here (not a cop) carry concealed with a retention type holster? I don't even know if they exist. In the off chance there is an unavoidable hands on scuffle: grapple, rolling on the ground etc. What mechanisms or techniques could prevent a gun grab?
  2. More Preban AK mags

    4 Preban AK mags. $110 In Quincy area. I'll need to check your LTC. Will not split up.
  3. 9mm jhp/fmj+preban AK mags

    Give me your Biden money. Don't worry, the Fed will just print more soon! 1. Sold! 200 rds Fed AL FMJ 50 rds Independence JHP 25 rounds mixed JHP-3 rds of Fed 147 HST, 4 rds of Remington 115, 18 rds of Hornady XTP. Grab bag from a couple of boxes I had open. 2. Sold! 5 preban AK mags. Cleaned...
  4. .223 ammo, 9mm, and Preban AK mags.

    Give me your Biden money! 1. 300 rounds of Brown Bear .223 Sold 2. 9mm. 70 rounds of JHP+200 rounds of brass FMJ. HST box is a mix of 150 grain micro HST and 147 HST. I was testing accuracy so split the boxes. I can post up pictures of the FMJ if you want. Sold 3. 5 preban AK mags. Cleaned...
  5. Mass resident purchase long gun from Maine resident

    General Mircs question. If a Mass LTC resident purchases a long gun from a Maine resident, through FFL (Kittery Trading), whos/what information is put down under Seller information? What can I leave blank? Thanks
  6. What makes the AR-15 style rifle the weapon of choice for mass shooters?

    What makes the AR-15 style rifle the weapon of choice for mass shooters? They actually talk about ballistics in this one.
  7. Boston herald: If the rest of America had MASS gun laws

    Opinion: If every state had Mass. gun death rate, America could save 27,000 lives
  8. Vice News/HBO on the MASS AG problem

    Hope this isn't a dupe View: https://youtu.be/j9Q3x2Pza6o
  9. SecureIt Model 52 gun cabinet/safe

    I'm skeptical. A shippable, user assembled rsc/safe that is as hard to break into as a behemoth? Anyone have one? Agile Model 52: Gun Cabinet - SecureIt Gun Storage
  10. Mass compliant Ruger AR556 buffer tube.

    Measured it to 9.5 inches from receiver. Is this a rifle length buffer tube? Do free states have carbine buffer length tubes? Just bought a magpul fixed carbine stock and it don't fit. Wtf.
  11. Boston metro print version 10/23

    Front page is wicked anti. "A SAFER STATE."
  12. Neo Nazis and Moslem

    You can't even guess: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2017/05/24/tampa-double-murder-devon-arthurs/
  13. Tulsa cop not guilty of first degree manslaughter

    White female cop shot & killed unarmed black male case. Your thoughts? http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/17/us/tulsa-police-shooting-trial/index.html?adkey=bn
  14. DA/SA safety question

    Have you ever chambered a round, forgot to decock, and then holstered? Or chambered, forgot to decock, and then surprised yourself with a super light pull? Is this a concern? I know, training = safety...
  15. What is the next big thing?

    We are mostly shooting gun designs 10+ years old, bullets designed 25+ years ago, and powders even older (idk, I'm not cool enough to reload yet). Other than minor improvements, there are relatively few (compared to other industries like biotech, energy, auto) revolutionary changes that can...
  16. LARGE capacity vehicles!

    And I thought you guys were kidding! http://www.bostonherald.com/news/local_coverage/2016/12/boston_cops_put_safety_first_for_city_s_first_night_fete “You’ll see a lot of uniformed presence out there. I think you’ll notice some of the extra precautions. Because of Berlin, you’ll see some...
  17. no, just no

    Before I email the AG for clarification [crying] Any opinions on it?
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