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  1. Gunsmith for Front Sight

    I’ve got a Tikka T1X that I love, but being the lowest end in their lineup, it’s missing a few things like a front iron sight. I’ve got a picatinny rail on back so rear sight is fine. But I need a gunsmith to permanently attach a high quality front sight. Any recommendations for someone to...
  2. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    I’ve been clicking all over BladeHQ, but don’t think I can tell which brands are good quality and which are worth the money. I’m looking for a website or YouTube channel to do my research. Any suggestions? P.S, I have a bunch of inexpensive blades. Looking for a higher quality EDC.
  3. FFL Not Communicating

    Not so quick story, I ordered a 9mm and a shotgun from Bud’s and had it shipped to an FFL local to me who was also one of Bud’s preferred FFLs. The customer service people have said they are trying to get in touch. I’ve been calling and emailing with no response. Drove over to his location today...
  4. S&W (Smith & Wesson) 686

    Looking for new or lightly used Smith & Wesson 686 w/ 4.125" barrel. Would consider 3" barrel as well.
  5. Benelli Nova/SuperNova 12 ga

    Searching for new or lightly used Benelli Nova/SuperNova 12 gauge. Preference is the black matte, not the camo. PM information, please.
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