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  1. Gun Porn Thread

    Smith and Wesson Schofield .45. Just meat and potatoes. Me and Jesse James think it's the best handgun in the world. Had the trigger guard removed, it saves drawin' time. Don't ever wear it when you're drunk, or you'll kill your feet.
  2. semi-auto rifle suggestions for massachusetts

    I remember when Mosin 91/30s were sold by the crate of 6 for $500 on Classic Firearms. Buds had some sweet deals ten years ago as well. I remember thinking wow $600 is ridiculously expensive for a "PU" Mosin if all it has is a dinky little scope on it. Look where we are now hahaha. One of my...
  3. Cerakote recommendations - metrowest area?

    Thanks mate, will do
  4. Cerakote recommendations - metrowest area?

    Wanted to get my classic Sig done in one of those nickel boron finishes but unfortunately both Robar and WMDGuns are no longer taking Nibx custom orders for work. Does anyone have experience with cerakote specialists in central MA? Recommendations? Looking to do a silvery/arctic look similar to...
  5. OK you all have talked about it so much, even I want to see yours !

    Surprised took this long for a common 642 to show up. Altamont makes some nice looking quality grips for sure.
  6. Pellet rifles

    Have some Crosman and Gamo ones but my favorite to plink with is my Diana RWS-350 Magnum .22. Decently heavy but balanced, wields and holds like a Garand. Was grouping all over the place with my typical rifle technique but once I figured out the artillery hold I was better. Pretty stiff spring...
  7. What' the most ridiculous? in all this..

    Time to find that old Crosman revolver, slap in a CO2 powerlet and practice your muscle memory with 0.177 cal wadcutters 👌
  8. No more BB's...Bug-a-Salt could be next!

    My ProForce P229 GBB works excellently as a ghetto way to still get holster draw practice and trigger time in hossie drills in the basement. Airsoft's really come a long way since I remembered the cheap springers I used to play with two decades ago. Put in a stout recoil spring assembly and use...
  9. Assault Weapons Ban Of 2021

    China once 'let' its subjects have guns. Good to use civvies as shock infantry to defend the motherland against the threat of western democracy under Chairman '60 million dead, political power grows out the barrel of a gun' Mao's reign. People including my grandfather used to have an SKS aka...
  10. Pistol for Alaska trip...

    I figure a big can of bear spray on your weak side in a drop leg holster and a chest slung 930SPX with 7+1 slugs and a reliable simple dot optic.
  11. Hickok45 talks about "Shoulder Things That go Up".

    Wow I never knew the shoulder thing that goes up was a flip up buttplate. Always thought it was supposed to be a SPAS-12 stock some democrat congresswoman saw in a movie and got scared of.
  12. Anyone have a lead on where to get ammo? This is getting ridiculous

    Is Northeast Traders closing up shop for good or selling the business? Shame, that area cou!d use a good lgs, moreover Dave Santurri does amazing gunsmith work just a building over
  13. Ammo for sale, bring your organs

    None of this will matter once Harris-Biden decides lead is now unsafe as a public commodity and only copper bullet rounds (but none of that steel core military style assault armor piercing cop killer stuff) will be *allowed*. $1 for each CCI copper-22, anyone? lol.
  14. Transferring a pistol frame in MA?


    When Biden makes semi-automatic weapons of war and high capacity clipazines illegal, nothing will happen. Gun owners will just be newly minted felons if they didn't cough up $200 per mag/AR14 weapon of war and do the new NFA paperwork. Just like CT post Sandy Hook when hundreds of thousands...
  16. Gun Ban

    Is that 15 rounder a preban? :D
  17. Gun Ban

    If Republicans can't hold onto the Senate in two years, when Madam President will have already packed the court, time to butter up the popcorn. Why worry about the rest of the country going full retard when we've had that here for years? Fixed/welded 10 round mag neutered ARs going for > $1200...
  18. blue guns

    Anyone use those polymer molded blue guns at home to practice your holster draw speed/reliability/precision, and perhaps even home defense tacticool drills when you don't want to use a real pistol even unloaded? I remember handling some of them years ago when I first went through firearms safety...
  19. use of crowd, riot control non violent weapons ?

    $WRTC has been on the up and up. From the makers of the bolowrap - View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5Mgc84iLvU Cowboy lassos for cops anyone?
  20. Armslist Glock deal

    Hilarity continues. Armslist seller tried reaching out to me again and minutes later says it's sold and flashes me some bens.
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