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  1. New member

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd0NtQDio20
  2. Pellet rifles

  3. BUGBite ankle holsters. Anyone rocking this?

    Had one. Used it a few times and did not care for it. The last time I wore it the zipper got stuck and I removed it with my EDC Spyderco...
  4. Archie Bunker

    Funny how the Meathead was never acting but just playing himself...DB....
  5. I can see it coming

  6. Deals and steals

    well so much for my dream gun....
  7. When did AR pistols get so popular?

    Coyote hunting in Ma. after dark.
  8. Pepper spray expiration

    I had ordered some back in Sept 2020 that just came in. Surprised it was not expired...
  9. Best way to disguise my safe?

    Still laughing... [rofl]
  10. Prep of The Day Thread

    Yoder's can bacon is goood.
  11. What have you seen lately?

    It's a popular perch for local eagles, ospreys and hawks. I waited for like ten minutes with finger on trigger for this guy to take flight. When it hunched up I started snapping to get a winged flight but all I got was him taking a Biden... [rofl]
  12. What have you seen lately?

    Nikon D7200 55-300mm lens. Ya I thought they came out pretty good. Thanks
  13. What have you seen lately?

    Got this behind the house last week.
  14. The Colt Caliber Project two more done.

    Cool stuff...
  15. New fella here

    Hi Maura! Sorry knee jerk reaction. Just kidding. Welcome. Great place.
  16. Colt Officers Model

    Very nice!
  17. New Biden Gun Control Will Get House Vote!! HR8 & HR1446

    Pussy shoulda thrown down on em...
  18. GOAL Not Supporting Fish & Wildlife Fee Increases Until Serious Issues are Addressed

    Sorry but it is not the guy's fishing the canal with rod and reel depleting a species. Think commercial nets/volume/$$$. I used to try and explain that to the boy scout herring counter in Middleboro when they dropped the limit to 36 fish. They were busting my balls for taking a couple dozen fish...
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