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  1. They finally put it in writing!

    A friend has been trying to sell a pre-Maura AR-15, but buyers are understandably hesitant, fearing prosecution. Thus far, nobody has been able to get the OK in writing. Well, here it is! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. AG proposing confiscation MA/NY/CT/VA

    This gets scary at the 20 minute mark. http://www.indianafreedomtalkradio.com/Archive/TheIntelligenceReport. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Williamsburg, MA stomps on 2A Rights!

    So, my friend Rob owns a large parcel of land in Williamsburg. His liberal neighbor hates the fact that Rob and his family shoot there, as they have since the 60's. Now the Williamsburg ZBA has issued this illegal order: https://www.facebook.com/robert.hodgkins/posts/10208143608657950 Sorry, I...
  4. Refrigeration tech needed Shelburne, MA area

    I'm having a very bad experience with a company that I think is screwing me. I have a chiller unit for a fish tank that was custom built. This company replaced the compressor and Johnson 419A controller. Now there's an R134a coolant leak. They tell me I need a new condenser coil (model AEA...
  5. New shop opening in western mass

    This new shop is supposed to be opening in Charlemont this coming January. Psyched! https://m.facebook.com/OverwatchOutpost
  6. Marijuana users and guns, please be aware:

    New CJIS Functionality Massachusetts Sealed Record Data and Medical Marijuana Inquiries On Wednesday morning, October 8, 2014 the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) will be releasing new functionality within the CJIS Web and CJIS Messenger applications. This new...
  7. Licensing question for pros

    Folks, I'm stumped on this one, and rather than call someone, I think it has educational value here. - A gun shop owner has an FFL but needs a state issued dealers license. He lives in town A, but his business is in neighboring town B. Can he apply for his state license in his residential...
  8. Anyone know this thieving scumbag?

    This @sshole was trespassing on a friends farm property, and as you can see, stole her horse poles. This was in the Athol/Orange area. Anyone know him?
  9. Pepper spray permits/ view from a LO

    In light of the brutal slaying of Amy Lord, people are now talking about the ridiculous requirement for a permit to carry pepper spray in Massachusetts. As a LO, here's my take on the situation. Obviously, I don't feel that any permit should be required. Self defense is a god given right...
  10. Treyvon Martin and media coverup

    There is evidence that the media chose to hide the fact that Treyvon was not just buying some candy and iced tea. He was buying ingredients for a street drug called "lean" or "purple drank". In fact, evidence shows he was probably high when he was killed. http://youtu.be/Ebu6Yvzs4Ls
  11. I think I avoided a sting today

    Stopped at a flea market in Maine today. I saw a gentleman at a table with only two items for sale. A used recurve bow and a .22 caliber Luger copy. I was checking out the gun when I noticed a well dressed gentleman in a pink shirt with a tie standing very close and listening to my conversation...
  12. Could this be the big Oblah blah story?

  13. Is FedEx spying on us?

    I am re-posting this from another forum. It caught my attention because last week, I received an upper for my build. When UPS delivered it, the driver asked me: "Is this a gun?" I replied, "No. It's machine parts." He then pressed on with "No, really. It's a gun, isn't it?" He was persistent...
  14. Where can I find parts for my build?

    I am building an AR15 with my son. I have a stripped lower, and a stripped upper receiver. The problem is that I can't find any other parts. I have cash, and nobody has what I need. Ugh. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm hoping to get this father-son project moving.
  15. She cracks me up

    So, my lady just walked in to Dick's in Hadley, and asked the clerk at the gun counter if she could buy a "Joe Biden shotgun". Something she could blast through the door should she hear an intruder. LMAO! I think I'm a bad influence on her.
  16. Plenty of guns in southern states

    I just returned from vacation. Visited a bunch of gun shops. Some were pretty well cleaned out, but I did see that most are still selling plenty of Glocks and black rifles. Most amazing were the non inflated prices. I saw plenty of AR-15 rifles for around $1,000. Brand new. Most handguns were...
  17. Look what Santa brought me!!

    Delivery took a while, but I'm loving my new Giraud case trimmer!
  18. Law Enforcement Officers Against NY Safe Act

    A friend in New York has asked me to help him get the word out that Police Officers are trying desperately to reverse the NYSafe act. They need help and support. Please visit the site, and if you use Facebook, please give them a like. I understand they are already confirming that Ted Nugent will...
  19. How the Military would crush a rebellion

    Sorry if this is a dupe. http://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelpeck/2012/11/15/how-the-u-s-military-would-crush-a-tea-party-rebellion/?partner=obtech
  20. A word of advice...

    Yesterday, I had an applicant for an LTC-A, who thought it would be in his best interest to misrepresent his criminal history. I always make it a point to explain beforehand, that you must disclose ANY incident in which you appeared in court as a defendant. I also explain that failure to...
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