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  1. They keep repeating it. Worcester Board of Health: Gun violence a persistent public health threat

    How selective of the BOH. I'd name all those killed in Chicago by gun violence this month but my keyboard would probably wear out first.
  2. Even CNN Called Out Joe Biden’s Ridiculous Gun Control Lies

    Chicago is one big mass shooting 24/7, 365. Just that it takes about 3 minutes to shoot the next person, That's a mass shooting every 15 minutes. But I guess that's OK
  3. How to get more people interested in your for sale posts !!!!!

    What about "Hard to find" ? or "One of 30,0000 made"?
  4. Loser campus cop checks me for having an empty holster on college campus.

    I hope Towman isn't one of those loser tow truck drivers that puts his flashy lights on just because he has a car on the deck. The only reason I can think any loser tow truck driver would drive around with his flashy lights on just because he has a car up on the deck is because those flashy...
  5. When the cops come to confiscate: How do they know you eFA10'd them to somebody else since guns never leave the registry?

    A lawyer friend of mine said he's going to write a book on how to deal with the police. It will be 500 pages long. All pages blank except for the first one that says" Shut the f*** up"
  6. Boston BLM Activist Teacher Arrested On Gun Charges While Driving With Career Criminal On A Suspended License

    If she went to Scituate High she must've been in the METCO program. Guess it didn't help her at all
  7. Baltimore activist wants to pay killers not to kill

    Where has this guy been? He could have solved the murder problem in Baltimore years ago. Oh , wait a minute........Oh yeah
  8. Joe's CNN town hall train wreck

    Come with me to Sierra Leone. Come with me to parts of Lebanon. Just don't go to China. They're killing their citizens over there. Stay out
  9. Calls mount to drop charges against woman who shot leo during raid

    Be vewy vewy quiet. They're hunting dwug dealers
  10. Snake guns?

    Flamethrower would be better. Then you can eat it afterwards
  11. Hope you didn’t overpay for the great “school system”

    Volunteers in the neighborhood can always relocate them
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