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  1. Calling all CZ people

    Three or four years ago I sold a very nice CZ 75 Shadow SA built by the custom shop through NES. Last three of the serial number is ...415. If you bought this gun from me, I have some stuff for you. Please PM me. If anyone knows the bodyshop guy on the north shore, let him know I'm looking to...
  2. 9mm Colt AR mags

    For preban mags what is the going rate for 20's and 32's?
  3. MA hiring predator control for summer

    FYI MA state division of fish and wildlife is hiring a person with a LTC to cull bird population on some lonely islands offshore. Job posting is active and requires a LTC, and 3 references who can attest to the applicants firearm ability.
  4. FYI Sig SAPR now for sale in USA

    The SAPR is approved for import as a 14" pistol. $4k price for the 100 incoming. Would make an excellent SBR.
  5. 10/22 with threaded barrel GTG in MA?

    Semi auto + detachable mags + barrel threads = MA legal? Simple yes or no works for me. Thanks.
  6. ACEM magloader

    I didn't know these existed until a couple days ago. Already bought one to load AUG mags, if it works I'll probably get another for AR mags. The maglula benchloader was nearly $400, these are $59 shipped. Heck of a deal in my opinion. Their new gen2 AR magloader specs:Magazine interface...
  7. Mako group, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

    Basically they sold thousands of AR15 mags, the mags were defective. After over a year of dead promises from mako's hired ad agency running interference, mako tells consumers to buy more mako product. - - - Updated - - -...
  8. Imbel receivers

    Just a heads up, gearlogo Imbel receivers are on falfiles in a group buy. Every couple years a bunch of gearlogo receivers get sold, no telling how long they'll last or how many are left but one day they'll dry up.
  9. AUG 24" bbls new $490 shipped

    As the AUG is in MA as both a "preban" gun and a "postban" gun, you all might be interested in this. New factory FN made cold hammer forged and chrome lined 24" heavy LMG barrels for the AUG (complete with gas system and VFG) are on sale for $490 shipped. Drop shipped from Steyr when ordered...
  10. Desert Tech MDR

  11. Steyr AUG, lots of new and great things coming out! (and a few things for the MSAR)

    I don't imagine there are many AUG owners on here, but if you are and happen to be reading this, there are many exciting things happening right now for the AUG. First, the AUG A3 is as cheap as you'll ever get one. I've seen multiple AUG's sell in the $1600 range last month. -NEW AUSTRIAN...
  12. Building a MA legal Glock, the legal way

    Yes, you read right. You can form one a glock in MA and it is legal. This guy just got his form one back AND approved for a grenade. [smile] I think it's time I put in a few more form one's... To all the nay sayers - I now have approval to build a frag grenade UPDATE: Tax stamp pg. 3 - AR15.COM
  13. NFA trust changes - NFATCA directly culpable

    People should know how this came about...
  14. VULCAN .50 shoots bolt through shooters neck UPDATE: 2nd Vulcan nearly kills another

    UPDATE: There is another report today of ANOTHER VULCAN .50 BMG that blew up, and nearly killed someone in Colorado. Victim is currently blind. Another Vulcan .50 blew up on my coworker!!! - AR15.COM PSA : At Range today LOUD BOOM - Vulcan 50 cal EXPLODED - Bolt lodged in guys neck! PICS -...
  15. Commercial buffertube $13 @ wilson combat

    Receiver Extension Buffer Tube | Commercial-Wilson Combat Not my preference, but maybe someone is looking?
  16. Where to find crush washer in the Boston area???

    I need an AR15 crush washer (or peel washer) pronto! Is there anyplace in the Boston area that sells or would have in stock a crush washer? THANKS!
  17. Armalite shoots self in foot.

    ArmaLite Response to NY gun owners, NOT GOOD - AR15.COM
  18. TAVOR

    http://youtu.be/9155MuJcT88 http://youtu.be/cEY1XdQf_JA TAVOR SAR 16.5" Barrel in Flat Dark Earth TAVOR SAR "IDF" Model with 16.5" Barrel + Mepro-21 Reflex Sight TAVOR SAR 16.5" Barrel - Left Hand, Black TAVOR SAR 18" Barrel, Black Also available: 5.45x39 Conversion Kit 30rd...
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