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  1. WRKO AM 680 Boston - Michael Graham

    I turned the radio to 96.9 today and all it was all rap music. What happened to the talk radio station ?
  2. EMS Jobs Update, Post 32

    Thanks for the help guys. Started with Starr a few weeks ago, so far so good.
  3. EMS Jobs Update, Post 32

    Anyone have a recommendation on a place to get an EMT- Basic ? I live in Plymouth and the closest place is Starr ems. Anyone have any input on them or another company? Thank you
  4. EPO exam

    I can think of two questions off hand that didn't even have the same multiple choice answer that the 2011 Hunting and Fishing guide gave. The best part was having the bring a notice to appear and a photo id and then neither the two state troopers or the epo even checked them.
  5. MA Police Officer Test 2011

  6. MA Police Officer Test 2011

  7. MA Police Officer Test 2011

    So far one town that i selected has posted my standing. The other 3 towns say none selected is there an error and i need to reselected the towns on the website or have those towns just not established a list yet?
  8. Osama Bin Laden Killed tonight- May 1, 2011

    Damn if i was only 1 minute faster !!! lol
  9. MA Police Officer Test 2011

    Last night I went cloths shopping to ensure that I didn’t embarrass myself by looking like a grub. Instead I almost felt embarrassed by actually dressing up. I would say I was one of 15 people that weren’t wearing jeans or shorts. I arrived at Plymouth North around 9:10 and already had 70+...
  10. Acme.Armament

    Ordered a few AR-15 lowers Bushmaster , Rockriver and an M&P to give away to my brothers for x-mas gifts. Adam was great and got me everything i needed. Thanks Adam
  11. Acme.Armament

    Wow this place truely is a hidden gem. They had all the popular weapons you could want AR-15's, 1911's glocks's eotech sites.. everything.. Adam is great!
  12. ~ A chum to enjoy range time with? . . .

    Yeah that guy totally got blasted by a .45!!
  13. What Club/Range do you belong to?

    Plymouth Rod and Gun i seem to always be the only one there.. [sad]
  14. Spike's .22 complete upper

    ! Great info and pics so far guys.. lets keep it up ! Anyone else out there ?
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