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  1. NH woman caught up by TSA in FL with handgun. (video)

    He keeps asking her for a carry permit because he doesn't understand that you do not need one in NH. She says she has one (Lie, once you exclude the constitution as your permit to carry) and they check and she doesn't have one Glock 43 seized Charged with a felony Dropped the felony charge...
  2. WTB .45 ammo

    auto/acp. Range ammo I am in Northern MA/ Southern NH Cash or trade. I have a good amount of 7.62x39, some 9mm, some 5.56x223 and some .32 auto Mostly looking to just buy.. 100-500 rounds.
  3. precision point firearms

    I will post the exact interaction as close to word for word as I can. I am going to buy a FN FNX 45. He has them listed on Facebook. Another larger store has them listed as well Walk in. Greeting Him - How can I help you? Me - hi. I am looking at what you have Him- (sigh) picks up box on...
  4. delete

  5. Do you do business with FFLs that deal/profit in firearm confiscation?

    Stuff like this on the retail facing site. Or no big deal to you?
  6. AR/AK wall mount lock with trigger guard

    As I read all you need is a trigger lock. Say you have one of these where the firearm is locked to the wall and the trigger is not accessible but the magazine could be removed. (Think shotgun mount with accessible ammo) Would this be a violation due to the large cap magazine being accessible...
  7. Public range around North Conway.

    Seems like nothing within an hour or so. Unless I am missing something?
  8. Steel cased ammo use at the range

    No steel or aluminum cased ammo(except for 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r). what is the difference between steel cased in this caliber vs another?
  9. Anyone apply for a non resident recently?

    Applied two months ago. The hotline says to leave a voicemail and they will return call with status but voicemail is always full lol
  10. DCR property firearms

    Statement in bold No person shall have possession of or discharge any firearm or pellet gun in violation of the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth I will ignore the discharge part. The rule is no person "shall have possession of and firearm" and ends with "in violation of the laws and...
  11. Planning move out of state (MA to NH)

    Unrestricted LTC in MA in a green town I have a house I live in, in that town I have a commerical property for a business in that town (retail store front) I have another business that is regional NH/MA (real estate services/investment) The plan is to move to NH and rent out my current MA...
  12. Has someone had a LEO encounter with a non serialized firearm

    EX. p80 "Glock". Has this been tested yet? In MA? Ignoring the usual if they are checking for a SN if you more to worry about.
  13. Dracut “teens” arrest in Pelham NH for shooting out of moving car

    So they had a I assume modern “Glock” with a 30 round magazine in NH. (Under 21 in MA would say no) So the gun was from a NH resident I assume but no details in article of where it was from. I see no charges for possession of the gun just reckless stuff. Meaning the law in NH of...
  14. Anyone see an issue with this storage in a vehicle?

    I do not drive a vehicle that has console locks or safes available. So I made this today. I used a premade safe, mounted it, bolted it to the vehicle and put a auxiliary finger print scanner to open it. This is not for long term storage, just for when I am someone carrying would not be...
  15. Any public records of applications, the answers to the questions and the matching denials/restrictions

    Or would someone be able to file a information request for them?
  16. Carry in vehicle (only in center console or on person) ?

    I took a continued class. The instructor said with a unrestricted MA license in the vehicle you need to carry on you directly on ONLY in the center console (while loaded and not locked) I purchased and have not used a underseat mount for one vehicle and the other vehicle I have a mount that goes...
  17. Storage

    So it is assumed the locked exterior of my home will not count in MA If I convert a closet into a "safe" like room will that qualify? Would a deadbolt on the closet qualify ? Would a vault door qualify ?
  18. Question 10

    please delete
  19. Looking for a Concealed Carry course asap

    Looking for a CC course or judgement/use of force ? I am trying to get it in by the end of the month.. I am in the process of applying for LTC-A but I do not want any restrictions.. I am hoping showing this class will help I am willing to pay more if only private is available.. But everyone...
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