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  1. Cerakote recommendations - metrowest area?

    Wanted to get my classic Sig done in one of those nickel boron finishes but unfortunately both Robar and WMDGuns are no longer taking Nibx custom orders for work. Does anyone have experience with cerakote specialists in central MA? Recommendations? Looking to do a silvery/arctic look similar to...
  2. blue guns

    Anyone use those polymer molded blue guns at home to practice your holster draw speed/reliability/precision, and perhaps even home defense tacticool drills when you don't want to use a real pistol even unloaded? I remember handling some of them years ago when I first went through firearms safety...
  3. Armslist Glock deal

    Don't understand what goes on in some people's big brains... just for fun - Gen 5 Glock 19 in MA still available and only $1600 now. You can thank me for getting the price down $400! [rofl] Deal here - ARMSLIST - For Sale: Glock 19 gen 5 a lot of accessories
  4. FNX-9?

    Anyone a fan of the FNX-9? I was looking for something with a Glock 19x size/grip profile, hammer da/sa/safety, and left hand friendly. Seems to fit the bill exactly and couple bens cheaper than the P30. Anyone own one and can comment on reliability? Why aren't they more popular?
  5. Acquiring ammo?

    I'm sure this doesn't apply to most of you here on NES 🤣 but hypothetically if you wanted to acquire more ammo, how can you buy it in MA right now if all the FFLs are temporarily shut down + major online businesses won't ship it directly to your doorstep because Maura gets upset? Only way to get...
  6. Recent MA Glock prices?

    Haven't checked the classifieds in some time and noticed used Glocks from MA are flying off the private market at record speed. Weren't they in the $600-700 range a few years ago? Has Maura done something to Glocks recently to make them *even moar rarer* to make $850+ market cost now?
  7. 92fs preban mags - question

    Hello knowledgeable NES community - so I bought a couple of these Beretta 92 mags from a seller marketing them as Beretta pre-ban mags. Unbeknownst to me I thought they were going to be Beretta OEM pre-bans but it doesn't look so. They feel pretty high quality and I'm guessing should work fine...
  8. Recommendations for a glock armorer in the Springfield area? Need sight help

    Hello, can anyone recommend me a glock armorer in or near the Springfield area, or a shop that offers night sight installation services? Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  9. EOTech refunds -- how long did it take for you to get your check?

    Over a month and half ago EOTech sent me an email acknowledging receipt of my 516 sight and that my refund check would be processed soon. Inquired two or three emails with zero response. Anybody else have similar/different experiences?
  10. Looks like China's hopping on the militarizing storm trooper police movement

    Anybody else wishing for a legit QBZ95 stock kit for your AK? [mg]
  11. G43 vs G26 [or G43 in addition to G26]?

    What do you guys think - if I already own a G26, would a G43 be rather redundant? I'm thinking with nutnfancy's 'philosophy of use' in mind, and considering the G26 isn't that uncomfortable when I wear it IWB. It seems to be the newest and hottest model people seem to want. Thoughts?
  12. Where are the ranges in eastern CT for the public?

    Where are the places/ranges to shoot at in eastern CT, along I84 from Hartford to the MA border? thanks
  13. Keltec Sub2000 Gen 2

    Hello, is the new gen 2 Sub2000 mass-compliant in its original form? I'm not too clear on whether or not the stock collapses or not? Can anyone shed some light? Thanks
  14. "Why Are People So Obsessed With The Second Amendment?"

    http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/archive/segment/5617f7b799ec6d6ba500046c?source=gravityRR&cps=gravity_5059_-3756702673832443842 [banghead]
  15. So that's where all the 22lr supply went.

  16. Question for legal scholars - Oregon shooting searching of students

    Saw this image from the Oregon incident and was wondering - can the police legally do that? Everyone suddenly becomes a suspect and forfeits all 4A rights?
  17. NiBX/NP3 Glock slide

    Hello, does anyone have any personal experience with NiBX type plating on a Glock and can chip in some thoughts? I'm looking at WMD's offering as well as Robar's NP3 Plus. Thanks!
  18. new concealed carry method

    What do you guys think about walking about with a book in hand, instead of trying to IWB a Glock 21 brick? discreet/brilliant/silly/ridiculous? ... reminds me of the scene from the Wire with Brother Mouzone/Cheese. [smile]
  19. GP100 match champion

    Anyone know if the match champion is on both 'lists'? I haven't been able to spot one of these in MA FFLs. Wondering if I could ship one in from an out of state dealer. Thanks http://www.ruger.com/products/gp100MatchChampion/specSheets/1754.html she's beautiful
  20. SKS

    Good to see the SKS still appreciated and out of retirement. From CNN - "Pro-Russian separatists stand guard as dozens of Ukrainian prisoners dressed in ragged military uniforms and civilian clothes are marched past jeering crowds around Lenin Square in the rebel-held city of Donetsk on...
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