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  1. WTS 17' 2017 Enclosed Trailer. Dual Axel.

    Great shape I only used for storage. Moved no longer need. The only time I used was on my move. Location : South Shore Description :17' dual axel with electric brakes. White. Rear barn style doors with side door. Pics on request Accessories : brand new spare I bought just for my move...
  2. Mass shooting Panic!

    Now a gun need not be involved....o_Ohttps://nypost.com/2018/05/01/deranged-man-causes-mass-shooting-panic-at-union-square-movie-theater/ A deranged man caused a mass shooting panic at a Manhattan movie screening on Sunday night when he burst into the theater and began yelling about guns...
  3. On Sheep, Wolves and Sheep Dogs....

    On Sheep, Wolves, And Sheepdogs
  4. Ghost Guns new threat

  5. Now Obama is all about the constitution

    Saw a locked thread on this but....Talk about sending the wrong message and the total disregard for the men and woman who gave their lives for the privilege of standing for the nation anthem. It does not stop.[angry] http://nypost.com/2016/09/05/obama-defends-kaepernicks-national-anthem-protest/
  6. Waiting for the public outrage and riots.The usual suspects

  7. Cool t shirts from GOAL

  8. Good read on Obama/Hillery Down Fall of America

    Correct link: http://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/how-far-gone-is-america-if-clinton-is-elected-well-find-out/
  9. Crazy Chipmunk

    I think I got something new here. Looked out the window little while ago and saw this chipmunk hooving an ant poison trap. He was on it like a crackhead on a pipe. Not sure what final results will be but I hope he doesn't go skitzoid and attack my American Bull Dog.
  10. ISIS vs ISIL

    With this latest terrorist attack in Istanbul blamed on a group with "possible" ISIS ties. Why does the rest of the world consistently refer to them as ISIS while the POTUS (Piece Of Turd Uranus Specimen) continually call them ISIL.
  11. Where is Sean Penn when you need him.

  12. Memorial Day Kindness

    I just got off the phone with my 91 year old dad who is still sharp as a tack. WW2 vet that was at Normandy landing then went to the Pacific. He is starting to show his age... He has gout so his foot is in padded foot thing. He has been bleeding from nose so they have a tampon thing up his...
  13. Evil gun's are at it again WTF?

    These horrifying new numbers show how America's lax gun laws hurt black Americans http://www.vox.com/2016/3/4/11161060/gun-control-black-homicide
  14. Charlie Daniels get's it right

    Good read on the real America http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/charlie-daniels/charlie-daniels-open-letter-americas-enemies-you-see-obama-you-dont-know
  15. Black Lives Matter Activist MarShawn McCarrel Dead From Apparent Suicide

    Talk about not practicing what you preach https://www.yahoo.com/music/black-lives-matter-activist-marshawn-145800226.html
  16. Where is the outrage?

    Can somebody smarter than me explain why there is not the same outrage about the nine year old killed in Chicago, the medical student shot in New Orleans, the pastors wife raped and killed and on and on but one nut shoots three people and that madness has got to stop... Surly somebody with some...
  17. Another pair just turning their lives around

    Atta boy! http://news.yahoo.com/young-boy-13-at-home-alone-shoots-suspected-113457018.html
  18. F-14 Dog fight

    Don't think a dupe but had to share: http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/hear-this-intense-declassified-recording-of-f-14s-shoot-1739696849
  19. The Blame game

  20. Black Lives "What's Amatter"?

    Any protests or looting for this one? http://news.yahoo.com/officer-killed-1-stabbed-death-during-domestic-dispute-091150747.html
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