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  1. Need help iwith old Colt revolver

    My friend finally got his grandfather's gun returned a real long story. It's a Colt Police Positive 38 I do have the serial number don't know if should be published in the open.. Any Colt people can tell me anything about it?
  2. So what did you find today?

    So we are cleaning out a relatives house who recently passed away I don't have pictures but what did I find? Well, aside from many swords an S&W 34-1 - 2 inch barrel with original grips and box (huge may have receipt as well) a 15-2 - 2 inch barrel and a few thousand rounds of 22 high velocity...
  3. Ammo manufacturer refuses to sell to Biden voters

    You have to love it and yes people will just lie to get around it but the Democrat voters like we have here at NES are too proud not to tell people they voted for Biden...
  4. Proof California Democrats Are Invading Texas

    Gotta love Democrats they will have you at the mercy of others begging for their love and admiration kissing their ring and begging for help. I should change the thread title to Maura Healy must have moved to Texas. BTW all you NES Biden voters this is what you vote for weakness...
  5. Pennsylvania law will kill sales of everything not just guns

    Not looking good for gun dealers or manufacturers if this becomes the norm in PA. But if you get run over by a car in PA you will be able to sue the manufacturer and the dealer because they are creating precedents...
  6. 223 pricing

    What is a good price to pay for 223 right now? With all the low inventory I need realistic price per number.
  7. Gun Shop Life

    So I went to a gun shop yesterday to buy a new rifle that I had wanted and god knows before (insert; Biden, Maura, Dems in general) stop us from getting more. I had time and needed to go for a ride so I went to a place that had the rifle in stock. Well, I can say I wanted to go more for a ride...
  8. Big Thumbs Up to Gunrunner 👍👍👍

    @gunrunner02346 Good for you https://www.foxnews.com/us/coronavirus-massachusetts-gun-shop-open-cease-and-desist-order
  9. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    Now that Virginia is a wholly Democrat enclave the D's are coming for the guns. I wonder how many gun toting Virginians voted for the big D just desserts and all that...
  10. Need Help for a Horse Soldier

    Please if you are facebook user clink the link below. The cause is for a decorated deceased 5th Group Special Forces soldier whose unit the book and movie Horse Soldiers is about. His name is SFC (ret) Christopher Matthew Poer he was a friend and mentor to my son who is actively deployed in the...
  11. Good News Remington Out of Bankruptcy

    This is good news even for the Remington haters we can't afford to lose gun manufacturers no matter what you think. U.S. gunmaker Remington exits bankruptcy in tough gun climate
  12. Ruger Email Hmmnn

    Anyone get this email and wonder what proposal they are talking about. They should have included the passage so we can read it instead of having to look for it.
  13. Interesting article who's to blame

    The Second Amendment rights of more than 4 million Americans are at risk thanks to Republicans in Congress
  14. Care Packages for our Soldiers

    My son who is currently deployed recently received a care package from an organization Treats 4 Our Troops. He was extremely happy to get one as the group he is with is not getting much. My family is generous with him but I know that one box from someone he doesn't know, who share so much...
  15. Liawatha to Host Town Meeting in Franklin MA Saturday 2/10

    For all you Norfolk County guys with questions needing answers tomorrow is your day Sen. Warren to host Town Hall in Franklin Saturday
  16. Phobiafornia a place to live in fear and create laws

    This is ridiculous given its from the weakest wasteland of humans and not a matter of "if" but when it does get enacted how long before other states follow. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/01/us/california-today-guns-ammunition-proposition-63.html?_r=0
  17. Deleo a Mini Dictator?

    Deleo is to Massachusetts as Erdogan is to Turkey he is setting himself up in a similar fashion. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015/01/29/mass-house-votes-to-eliminate-speaker-term-limits/ It's best to defeat politicians with personal agendas by joining together and giving voters reasons to make...
  18. Gun safes on sale

    Thought I'd give a heads up in case anyone is interested Sun Welding Safes are having a sale this week only. I have one overall pretty happy with it. http://www.sunweldingsafes.com/
  19. Really.. the M&P 9 with a hot trigger

    Obviously these deputies need weapons issued with Mass Compliant triggers http://news.yahoo.com/gun-blamed-rise-la-county-deputy-shootings-174044276.html
  20. Incoming 3" GP100

    I shoot with a friend who has a 4" version of the GP100 and it really captured my attention. I did have the chance to shoot the 3" version and it has really captured my idea of a remarkable 357 shooter. It is currently on sale at Gallery of Guns until 2/28 which helped the decision along so I...
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