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  1. 1957 Chevy Bel Air

    My brother has a 57 Chevy for sale. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 | eBay Pm me if you have any questions He has it listed on eBay for 38,000.
  2. Another thoughts and prayers

    I asked Derek for permission so here it is. I’m asking for any help possible for my daughter. She was officially diagnosed Christmas Eve with Lymphoma and was told she is stage 4 on New Years Eve. I’m a pretty strong person but this has broken me. I would be eternally grateful If anyone could...
  3. Littleton Machine Shop Group Feeler

    I have space in one-eyed jacks building and was wondering if there was any interest in starting an 07 Machine Shop Group? I could block off my little space and have what you should see in the picture I’m posting. I’m not looking to make money on this but I would hope to charge something like...
  4. WTB WTB enclosed trailer 6x10, 6x12

    Looking for an enclosed trailer. 6x10 or 6x12 used in decent condition. PM me with anything you have or may have seen in your travels. Located in Groveland Mass but willing to travel if the deal is good. Tommy
  5. WTS Garmin Montana 600 Handhelp GPS

    Price: $300.00 Cash or Paypal Location: Groveland, MA or I can ship Description: Used once in the box but I can't locate the AC charger end. That is the only thing missing but charges fine with the USB cable. PM is best Garmin Montana 600 The Garmin Montana 600 handheld...
  6. CMP 1911's

    Senate passed the new bill and it's off to Obama. I wonder what he'll do.
  7. M44 Sale was Group Buy Only

    Go GREEN and check out the Group Buy for Mosin Nagant M44's.GREEN Members only. http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/threads/262656-Official-Mosin-Nagant-M44-Group-Buy?p=4137785#post4137785
  8. M44 Group Buy

    Check out the Members Group Buy page for the newest group buy. Mosin Nagant M44's for $220.00 each! Get one before there gone. Pickup will be at my shop in Littleton, MA starting next week.
  9. WTB WTB/WTT - Wanted - Camper - Cheap

    I'm looking for a pop-up camper or small travel trailer. Let me know what you have and what you're thinking. PM is best Tommy
  10. WTB Portable Oxygen Concertrator

    If anyone knows of a Portable Oxygen Concentrator please let me know. I have one of the large units for nighttime but I'm looking one that I could use camping or for when there is a power outage so low wattage is a must. Used is fine as well. Pm me with anything. I'm in Groveland and Andover...
  11. Shop progress

    Some of you may know that I have been trying to open my own small shop. I thought I had a space in my small town but no, it hasn’t worked out. Recently my father told some of his friends what I was trying to do and low and behold I found a shop in a City and the owner turned out to be a...
  12. What's a good price for this used Safe

    I will be selling this Champion Challenger Safe and a co-worker wants it. I'm trying to figure out a fair price. He knows he can buy other safes for what I'm thinking of asking for this one. I was thinking $600 or $700 but that may be a bit out of touch with reality. Challenger Series...
  13. Glock Armorer Training Course - 8/30/2012 Groveland, MA

    There are still some seats available for the Glock Armorer's Training Course that is being held at the Groveland MA Town Hall on 8/30/2012. https://www.glocktraining.com/Reg1.aspx?classid=101643
  14. N.H. Moose Lottery Today.

    Starting in a few minutes, live on the radio. http://www.wtplfm.com/ Good Luck!
  15. Firearms Seminar

    I attended a Firearms Seminar put on by the ATF and DCJIS yesterday. The ATF went over form 4473 in detail and then Attorney Jason Guida Director of Firearms Support Services spoke. There was a Q&A at the end but I had enough and headed home. Some things I heard in the Q&A. A dealer...
  16. Browning 1919A4

    Not really built by myself, there was a lot of help at the Build Party. Lou at Business End Customs did a Fantastic job with the finish. If you see any blemishes it was from missing the rivets with a bfh. Lou still managed to save the day as he was able to remove most of the damage. The...
  17. Help naming new business

    I decided to try and open a FFL in my town and have been in many discussions and think I may have found a place to lease. It will be slow going but I will have access to a full machine shop, I hope, and will try for an 07 FFL with SOT. I had an 01 FFL many years ago and it was called Tom's...
  18. Saiga 7.62X39, 12 almost complete

    Here is my almost completed Saiga, you know what they look like before so here are 2 after. Parts added Red TimberSmith Stock Set Bullet Guide Fire Control Group Hand Guard Retainer I tried using a pipe cutter on the muzzle but didn't get very far. Maybe tomorrow I will try my...
  19. Daughter in Denver and CCW

    My oldest daughter moved to Colorado last year to attend Grad School and now she wants her CC Permit. I looked up some info and thought the second page of the pdf I'm attaching was pretty good.
  20. NRA called

    I just got a call from the NRA about the UN Gun Ban coming up again. I thought this couldn't happen?
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