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  1. font size (reading)

    cat walked across the keyboard and shrunk the forum. i can barely read what im typing now. all other forums im on are fine. how can i fix it???
  2. nice day at the range

    great day today, my 28 year old godson texted me earlier in the week about shooting some bullets. liberally educated, by schools & parents. not really interested in guns, just wanted to try it out. started with .22, that lasted about 20 rounds. on to ruger sr9c. he really liked that. then...
  3. pre ban AR 15 30 round mag issues

    so i have 3 of these that just don't work anymore. hard to fit in, won't drop out of the mag well, actually almost jammed in. worked fine when i bought them a couple of years ago, they look OK compared to others. junk???? anderson lower. others mags work
  4. how do you hold your ar?

    relatively new to the ar. started with carbine length, and recently purchased a mid length figuring the added couple of inches would help stabilize the rifle on target aquisition. tried it out this morning ( beautiful way to start out thanksgiving day--great weather). so it was just ok vs...
  5. c & r thread??? can't find it

    as the title says---can one of you kind folks please direct me to it??? I'm ready to apply but I have a bunch of questions I'm sure have been asked and answered but i'll be damned if I can find it tried every search I can think of and checked all forums thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. barrett .50

    im sure this might get poo-poo'ed by some of the more experienced folks here, but i had the pleasure to watch a vet shooting one of these today at the range holy c**p what an awesome display of power broke the manhole cover target into 3 pieces after 8-9? rounds those of you that have one or...
  7. s & w 422

    looking for advice on the 422. i'm an old(er) guy new within the last 2 years to the shooting sports. i started with a used s&w 22 a which i love(after fixing all the problems) now runs great. used the same to get my wife started, she's now awaiting appoinment for ltc but the 22a is 34 ozs. and...
  8. muster on lexington battle green april 19th

    bumping this to general discussion because it doesnt seem to be raising enough cash on the sticky threads----- some viewers but not enough money coming in----we need to drop some money into the till----their link to a facebook fundraiser seems to be an issue---im not on facebook either---but...
  9. attn leos: am i legal to carry?

    ltc -a restricted issued april 2012---approved for alp feb 2, 2013---updated card still hasnt arrived state says im in the system as unrestricted---does the computer in your cruiser access the state record or do you go by my restricted ltc-a card in my pocket thanx in advance
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