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  1. German Army Firearms Safety

    [rofl] That ones my favorite so far.
  2. German Army Firearms Safety

    I saw this picture on Wikipedia’s article about the German Army. It has the caption, “A German infantryman stands at the ready with his G36 during a practice exercise in 2004.” I thought it was funny. I have a good friend, who’s an officer in the German Army, maybe I should ask him just...
  3. Top 10: Guns are Better Than MEN

    Now honey, you know you upgraded caliber when you married me, and I never malfunction. [devil] [banana]
  4. Searching Fourm

    Thanks Jon
  5. Searching Fourm

    I was trying to search the forum for the topic "house gun". When I did so every post that contained the word house or the work gun was returned. I tried it as: house gun "house gun" +house +gun house &gun Is there any way to search for an exact phrase? Thanks, Patrick
  6. Identification

    About 5 years ago, I was in Citizens Bank, in Kenmore Square, getting a bank check; while the cashier was retrieving the check from a printer, I saw a sign hanging inside her work area, listing the acceptable forms of ID, and LTCs were listed.
  7. What's on your wish list?

    I forgot the Uberti 1851 Navy. It should have been after the Tryon Rifle. And if I really liked b.p. pistol, a cool single shot, like a Mang ® in Gräz.
  8. What's on your wish list?

    Nickle, In truth we share our toys. She just shoots more than me. Jen is most definately a keeper. MrsWildweasel, I've heard Jen use that line a few times. ;)
  9. What's on your wish list?

    Ray P, I saw a used deluxe model at Kittery Trading Post, last weekend, it was $450.00. I wanted it, but couldn't justify spending that much money on a black powder firearm, when I don't know if I would like black powder shooting. I have an interest in blackpowder shooting, but i've only put...
  10. What's on your wish list?

    This is my wish list, given the constraints of living in Massachusetts: 1) An A.L.P., Class A L.T.C. 2) A pocket pistol and holster; either a S&W 442 or a Seecamp LWS32 3) Sending my Springfield Champion to Springfield for some much need work 4) Meprolight adjustable night sights for my...
  11. went shooting today.....

    Edited: I know the practical uses of Full Auto are limited, particularly, outside of the military. However, I still love the impractical use of Full Auto. Nothing brings a smile to the face like sending massive amounts of lead down range, at a rapid pace. It’s not about accuracy (just as...
  12. went shooting today.....

    I don't know what my favorite firearm capable of fully automatic fire is. However, I really do love firing the Galil, MPi 69, and PKM. I'm also very fond of the HK 21, even though I take a beating when I fire it. And so what if I like setting with the girls, selling tickets, and knitting...
  13. New rifle questons.

    Hello, Bugs100; I have to agree with Len. For an all around good shooter for plinking, doing a little competitive shooting, house gun (I realize there are cartridges with more stopping power and less penetration than .233), varmint control (If appropriate), and all around shooting, it’s hard...
  14. New folks check in and say HI #2

    To lagrangian, welcome. To everyone else, thank you for your warm welcomes.
  15. N-SSA

    Does anyone on the list skirmish with an N-SSA unit in the Metro Boston area? I live in Melrose, MA. I've been wanting to get into muzzleloading, and am interested in history. Plus I saw the Shooting USA episode on N-SSA, and it was cool. Some I'm curios. What unit are you with? Where...
  16. New folks check in and say HI #2

    Hello Y'all Hello, Y’all; I’ve been a member of this board for a while, posted a handful of times, but never introduced myself. I thought I would rectify that. My name is Patrick Scott. I’ve been shooting off and on for most of my life. I’ve been shooting regularly for at least 10...

    I didn't realize Jen was logged in on the laptop. I posted that.

    I voted for “Memphis Belle”. Of the ones listed, it’s my favorite. However, of ones not listed, “The Thin Red Line”, “Gettysburg”, and “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, come to mind. I would also give honorable mentions to “Black Hawk Down”, “Savior”, and “No Man's Land”. Of course there’s...
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