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  1. Come on in and Show off your safe

    I am in the market for a new safe and also looking for ideas on how to set it up. I want to buy from a nice American pro-2A company as well. Pics would be awesome! The one I have now I have outgrown and looking to accessorize the inside via lighting/dehumidifiers etc. Thank you for any input!
  2. Name Change question

    A couple months ago I married a wonderful woman. She just went through the ridiculously long process of changing her legal name. The only thing she has left is her LTC, how important is it that she change it on the LTC? Can she just wait it out until renewal? She had to renew a couple months...
  3. VT gun rights Rally Oct. 9th

    I was in a VT gun store over the weekend drooling over all the fun I can't have. While I was there I snapped a pic of their bulletin board and wanted to pass this on to any that wern't aware of the rally.
  4. Hello? GOAL? Are you there?

    So the last rally was nice, but we need more, lots more. GOAL is good but they always slide away after something like this. The sticky at the top of the page has a rally with a date that is 2 days old. There should be another one planned NOW. GOAL has the email member lists, we are looking for...
  5. DEA releases drug overdose death numbers: prescription drugs more deadly than guns

    https://mises.org/blog/dea-releases-new-drug-overdose-death-figures-guns-safer-prescription-drugs Interesting read if you can get an anti to actually read it.
  6. Madonna says guns don't kill people, people kill people

    I got to say this surpirsed me: Madonna (Really): 'Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People' | NewsBusters
  7. A confiscation story with a happy ending for once

    So about a month ago a close friend of mine has an uncle that had an accident happen with a firearm. My friend's dad was on the property but no one was there to witness him actually shoot himself in the hand, but it sounds like a bunch of stupidity snowballed and he ended up shooting himself in...
  8. turning green

    Hey all, I found this place about 5 months ago and joined it a little bit after that. This site has taught me a ton of things about firearms, my stupid state laws and my dumb gov. Thanks a bunch! Shawn
  9. Question about fingerprinting

    I am applying for my Florida LTC, they sent me a fingerprint card to mail back to them. Well I went to the Brockton PD and they told me they don't have anyone to do it there. This is the same place that fingerprinted me for my LTC.... Needless to say they confused the hell out of me. Then...
  10. Looking for some .50AE

    I picked up a Desert Eagle .50 cal to have some fun with. Ammo is turning out to a little tougher to come by than I thought. Any ideas? thanks
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