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  1. least obnoxious AR-15 muzzle brake/compensator

    Are you referring to the "regular" Carlson Comp or the Mini Comp? I had read elsewhere that the Mini Comp was very "unobnoxious" as well, so I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Mini Comp or the BattleComp. $35 vs $149 kind of makes me lean toward the former.
  2. least obnoxious AR-15 muzzle brake/compensator

    Thanks for the replies, guys. Follow up question - the battlecomp is good to go in a AWB state such as MA, right? As far as I can tell from looking on their site, it is only a compensator and not also a flash hider? So shoud be good to go?
  3. least obnoxious AR-15 muzzle brake/compensator

    Kind of a weird question. I already have one AR which has a RRA NM A2 upper with no muzzle device - I'm looking to build a 2nd more of the zombie/tactical/HD type for fun and maybe taking some classes. The recoil of .223/5.56 is not bothersome to me at all, but on this new rifle I do want some...
  4. Generator/Small Engine Repair mechanic?

    Just thought I'd throw into this thread, for anyone looking for similar small engine/snowblower/etc type work in the Eastern MA / near Boston area in the future. Paul @ Park Ave Citgo in Arlington is great with small engines. Very nice, very honest guy.
  5. Worcester County Gunsmith for 1911 type work

    2nd LaRocca. Had him work on my snubby and was happy with his work. Very knowledgeable guy, and extremely experienced with 1911s. http://laroccagunworks.com/
  6. New Guy with questionable past

    Frank, practical, realistic answer (not trying to be rude) - You're screwed. Forget about ever owning a gun. If you're concerned about home defense, get a Surefire flashlight and a baseball bat or a big fixed blade knife. And a big dog.
  7. SAS style head shot vs. Mozambique Drill

    Problema: *SAS* vs us guys here on NES. They're among the world's elite military special forces and have near unlimited ammo budget/training time, great instructors, and are far less likley to be affected by the stress of the sitaution. We, on the other hand, are a bunch of guys with...
  8. Fun things to shoot

    the cutest lil adorable animals you can find (jk)
  9. AZ - Jose Guerena Shot 60 Times By SWAT Team

    Try telling *them* that.
  10. The most unreliable gun you've shot

    Walther PPK/S (one of the newer ones made by S&W in Maine). Fvcked up feed ramp from the factory. I was so disgusted I didn't even want to have it fixed, just sold it back to the gun store I bought it from at a loss.
  11. Why aren't you an NRA Member?

    Even if you don't 100% love the NRA, it's dumb IMHO to not be a member as a gun-owner. Whether you like it or not, the NRA *IS* the 800 pound gorilla in the room of the firearm lobby in Washington. They arguably have more sway with senators, reps, etc than every other firearm org put...
  12. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  13. If you had to choose..

    Glock Cus of pre-ban mags like snwbrdr said, and cus I'm a Glock guy.
  14. plinking/shooting in White Mountain National Forest

    This is sort of a combined legal and where to shoot question, so I decided the General Discussion forum was most appropriate. from the White Mountain National Forest website: "Hunting is allowed on all White Mountain National Forest Lands including Wilderness areas pursuant to state...
  15. How to bug out

    Knob Creek If it were a survival kit built by me, you would have answered your own question just before asking it.
  16. Billerica PD gets an A+ for response time from me

    Kudos to Billerica PD for showing up quickly.
  17. Moron downrange photographer

    Holy crap. WOW. The instructor, the students, and the photographer are all IDIOTS. Stating the obvious here, but that is the WORST example of total disregard for/ignorance of BASIC gun safety I've ever seen. I would love to know who was teaching that course. I would take it upon myself to...
  18. KARMA- Goal/NES knife WINNER ****KEN1234******

    in please, and thanks! Looks like everyone who's in so far is already an NES green member anyways lol.
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