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  2. WTS j-frame IWB holster

    Location : danvers Description : desantis rh iwb holster for 2-2.25 fixed sight j-frame. got this years ago, tried it one time and did not like it. Accessories : Selling Terms : cash ftf in danvers Price : $20.00 Contact Information: pm here Pictures: Statement of Legal compliance: I...
  3. WTS shooting chrony with printer and tripod

    Location : danvers Description : shooting chrony with all books, printer and tripod. i have had this for a long time. it has worked well for me just upgraded to a labradar. the 2 piece rods that came with this i did cut one in half with a 223 years ago. did not damage the unit and i just cut...
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    moving need this to go
  8. .308 rifle won't go into battery?

    are you near the north shore, i have the bolt tools will take less than 2 mins to fix that
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