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  1. Repo trench gun at the range

    Shotgun = $400 Original WWI bayonet = $100 Empty shot gun magazine and charging the target = priceless!
  2. Repo trench gun at the range

    Took my toy to the range and talk about a blast. First video is of a friend of mine having some fun and the second one is me having a blast with it. Have any question just or feel free to drool.[grin]
  3. redone preban with cerakote

    to the purple comment I really didn't care at the time what color it was. It was the cheapest pre-ban rifle at the gun show when I got it. It used to be a darker purple but here in texas the heat of the truck and shooting it just made it fade. Again, it was cheaper than the alternatives at the...
  4. redone preban with cerakote

    Holy cow that is a nice job! I am having a friend redo the stock on my polytech M14. He was the one I was going to have do the rifle if you wanted. I'll post some pics of it when gets done with it. The rifle always had a poor finish on it to begin with but it bullets right where I wanted them so...
  5. Show me your Garand, M1A, Carbine.

    I know it is a british one with no import marks on it. All original along with the original scabbard and frog too. The only Bayonet that is a reproduction is the one that is on my 1903a3. It is ok but I want a real one or a better quality repo personally.
  6. Show me your Garand, M1A, Carbine.

    It is just like the originals, keep pumping and you keep shooting.
  7. Show me your Garand, M1A, Carbine.

    only photo I have of mine at the moment. Still need a Bayonet for my M1 carbine. I call the photo "FIX BAYONETS!!!!!!"
  8. Traveling to New Jersey

    Is there a group or org that I can donate to, to help fight the good fight? I have done so for a California board with their campaign against unjust or crazy laws.
  9. Traveling to New Jersey

    Maybe not Fair Lawn is farther from the border than I thought. Good thing I started thinking this through now instead of later.
  10. Traveling to New Jersey

    Looks like we will be getting a hotel on the PA side of the border then.
  11. Traveling to New Jersey

    Howdy This coming January I am going to be taking a road trip with my wife from Houston Texas to New Jersey to see her sister. Most of the states we are traveling through have reciprocity with Texas CHL however I know Maryland and New Jersey don't. My question is about any extra rules those...
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