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  1. US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt is a Brazilian Immigrant and Black Lives Matter Militant — Threatened to Kill MAGA

    If we shoot an unarmed intruder doing the same thing while defending our homes and children, we go to jail. WTF: You're not surprised ? I can see why.
  2. Pellet rifles

    From Russia mit Luv...25
  3. Lost, found, recovered, and returned firearm

    More importantly, what caliber ?
  4. Woman upset with wait opens fire in Tennessee Burger King drive-thru

    "Crazy Black broads".....??? It's 'Ho's' to you cracker.... Up for a Free-ban: Incorrect medical terminology, impersonating a boomer and refusal to speak ebonics ....I rest my case 🤡
  5. Your New Knife!

    My new EDC....Lionsteel SA22A folder, billet AL frame, Sleipner SS blade, ball bearing pivot, tungsten carbide laminate glass window breaker, 4.5 oz. ..
  6. Happy 110 birthday to the 1911

    I'm converted...lol
  7. Your New Knife!

    I ordered a LionSteel SR22A folder after looking for the best deal last night....Amazon for the win, but THEY DON"T SHIP TO Mass ..... JHC ! Did a workaround 👍🏻
  8. Your impressions: M1888 Trapdoor w/RRB and unusual tiger maple stock

    Perhaps isn't too confidence inspiring....lol
  9. Your impressions: M1888 Trapdoor w/RRB and unusual tiger maple stock

    Came across this Springfield 5xxxxx. Looks totally original and cartouche stamped 1892. What is unusual is the tiger maple stock. Known history, one owner, for the last 100 years. I've fired it at the range and it delivers. How does one clean up the dirt and grime on the stock without losing the...
  10. What kind of bug is this?

    FBI bug...
  11. This lady knows her stuff!

    This is exactly the neighbor I'd love to have.... BTW: You would be the last neighbor I'd want...lol
  12. Your New Knife!

    Beautiful fixed blade. Scrimshaw Killer Whales by retired Master Knife maker Wayne Valachovic. One of his few fixed blade knives
  13. Moving heavy machine?? Metal Lathe

    Your wifes back musta been sore.... [laugh]
  14. Prayer request: My oldest daughter gets her biopsy results today

    Update on my daughter: It appears the mass is related to her Immune disorder, a hi-risk complex sclerosis lesion of 12.7 mm, in short hi-risk, but biopsy core was negative for a malignancy. She found a opening with a fine surgeon she had already researched and they are prepping to remove it...
  15. Covid-19 Vacinne

    I got my 2nd Modena shot yesterday at the Brocton VA. Went home and played chuck-it for with my pup Otto for two hours. I woke up this morning with a shot arm bicep that looked like a spotted eggplant. Thirty minutes playing chuck-it this morning and I'm done. Cracking VA approved med for...
  16. Prayer request: My oldest daughter gets her biopsy results today

    Pathology report due in tomorrow....she's in good spirits and sends her love to my NES friends (the platonic variety) [laugh] Much thanks to all
  17. great-grandfather's knife

    Old school gold plating can be quite thick compared to todays AU plating
  18. great-grandfather's knife

    An acid test will tell you about it being gold....Did your GGF smoke a pipe ?
  19. Prayer request: My oldest daughter gets her biopsy results today

    My daughter had a mammogram and an 'irregular mass' was found. Her biopsy was last week and her internists office told her come to her office to get in to the results from the doctor. She's upbeat as always. Understandably I'm a bit of a wreck....Thanks, Rat
  20. Battle Belts

    Hi Maura [wave]
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