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  1. Coyotes Are Becoming Wolves, Deadly On Mature Deer, Even Bucks

    Just purchased a 22 "deterrent" for my walks in the woods.
  2. New Aquisitions April 2017

    They are super sweet!
  3. Portland, Maine area gun shop suggestions

    About 30 mins west on 302 is Wyndham Weaponry. Great range where you can shoot full auto rentals.
  4. Coyote contest at Jaffrey store leads to debate on hunting ethics

    Typical Libtard moves to a place with traditions and history then tries to impose their values and beliefs on everyone else. F^ck her. All the chemicals her husband dumps on the golf course does more damage to the ecosystem than hunting.
  5. Newb question - Who makes better QUALITY ammo?

    Winchester White Box for Range Federal American Eagle for Range For carry there are plenty of good quality rounds. Speer, Federal Hydrashock; Hornady Critical Duty +P; to name a few. Try different brands to be sure they all cycle through your pistol. You can research ballistics, penetration...

    Can't disagree with any of that.

    I love SIGs because I love SIGs. They definitely point nicely for me. I do think the DA Hammer is safer than a striker but I am not afraid of a striker. I have carried both. Just keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. I also like the fact I can cock the trigger and...
  8. Signed again

    Thank you.

    S&W Airweight .357
  10. Help me choose a new pistol(s)

    Get a SIG 226 The Legion SAO is one of the nicest guns I have ever shot. HKVP 9 has great ergos and is a great shooter.
  11. New Aquisitions March 2017

    Nice! I have been looking at the Ruger LCR .22 mag.. I want to carry it in the woods behind my house to discourage 'yotes.
  12. New Wilson Combat 9mm 1911

    MA mag limits pretty much dictate pre-ban whatever you can get, single stack 9mm, or .45.
  13. Ruger LCR in 9mm or 38 Special?

    I voted before reading the post. I would have suggested .357 Magnum but since it's for the wife what about 22 magnum. If not the 38 special in the .357 magnum frame sounds good.
  14. Help me spend $1500

    I have a nice AK I can sell
  15. New Aquisitions March 2017

    Been on a tear lately. My newest acquisition: HK VP9 Tactical Stock photo until it arrives
  16. Help me decide which 9mm to get

    Shot a VP9 today...it was very nice. Group of 5 rounds at 25 feet:
  17. Help me decide which 9mm to get

    Definitely try both...but if you can try a metal framed 9mm you should.
  18. Help me decide which 9mm to get

    I'm a huge SIG fan. Get a 226 Legion SA. Awesome trigger and established P226 reliability. HKs are very cool. I had a USP .40 C but sold it because I was trying to stick to 9mm and 45 cal for my handguns. It was a tank and very accurate.
  19. New Aquisitions March 2017

    Congrats Dip! Nice wheel gun Robjax! Love the Legion. My favorite shooter.
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