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  1. Semi Shotguns .... worth having more than one?

    They say Ghandi was a whizz drinker.
  2. Newton Gun Shop getting pushback

    There are likely lots of liberal hypocrites in Newton who have the random gun stashed in the sock drawer in case the dreaded rioters, I mean protestors, show up. Thing is they won't be shopping for guns or ammo IN Newton because they don't want there neighbors to see them.
  3. On Video: Bobcat Attacks Wife. Husband Reacts

    I thought he was gonna shoot up his car since it went under there. Ha ha When LO wants to know why you want LTC just write "Bob Cat Attacks" That should do it.
  4. New member

    This forum is anything but "beautiful." It certainly is informative, entertaining and often times hillarious but almost never beautiful, although there was a beautiful GIRL folding sheets on video recently.
  5. Something BIG is happening in Mass

    "Plan Facillitator" is that something like a communist party political officer?
  6. Biden’s executive action

    I dream of the day that these cucks come looking for me. LOL I doubt that they could even carry as much lead as a wood chuck.
  7. AK question

    Uhh was it that way when you sold it to him? Or did it break when he shot it?
  8. The Open Carry Warzone (enter at own risk)

    I only got four pages of "DELETE" on a search. LOL Search results for query: DELETE
  9. letter of intent

    When I start signing executive orders you WILL be required to purchase ammo, lots of it LOL Don't worry there will be a 100% tax CREDIT not just a deduction.
  10. Shock Video: SWAT Officer Shot in Head During Standoff

    Yup the moron FUDDS should take notice. A 32" barreled trap gun would be perfect for taking out someone running from one tactical position to the next. Well, at least in the eyes of liberals in the legislatures. LOL Time to turn those in FUDDS.
  11. letter of intent

    That's a weird sentence. IANAL but I doubt a lawyer would phrase anything like that. The closest meaning I can think of is that it asks if you are SUBJECT to any regulations. If it means that, we are all subject to regs in the hell hole of Mass. It does not seem to ask if you are prohibited by...
  12. Man found with loaded gun in carry-on at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, TSA says

    I hate having to leaving my gun in the car when flying to Philly.
  13. Biden wants supreme court to authorize police to be able to enter your home seize guns without a warrant.

    What oath? The one where they swore to protect and defend their pensions?
  14. ‘Democrats Propose Taking Away Guns from Law-Abiding Citizens’: Ted Cruz Defends Gun Rights In Wake of Boulder Shooting

    Yup, those "optimists" are the ones who always seem shocked a few years down the road when they realize how many rights have been taken away from them. Go figure.
  15. Interview in Salem, MA

    It could be mild case of Aspergers. Not making fun of him just a theory. Worst case he is trying to imitate someone with a handicap. No good.
  16. Interview in Salem, MA

    I had to laugh when I got to the phrase, "Seems a little unfair." Seriously we feel your pain LOL The first Brits that moved here felt that way too and they started a revolution.
  17. Active Shooter in CO, 10 Dead

    Another subsciber to he religion of peace.
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