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  1. NES sweat shirts

    bought one a few years back just looking if anyone has them for sale or is anyone doing a buy anytime soon ??
  2. Reloading questions

    Starting to get In to reloading hand gun ammo 9mm,45acp and 357 mag. Obviously different primers , but is it possible to find a powder to cover all these loads ? And if so powder of choice or recommended? Primarily looking to put holes in paper . But also looking for some Acuracy.... Any...
  3. newbie here

    newbie kinda been lurking around but figured good to introduce myself here..... as i may have stepped on some toes .... DAM NEWBIES GIVE US BREAK lol..... but getting to know things about regs and laws is f***ed up.... have learned ton's of great shit on here so far and spoke with some cool and...
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