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  1. We should be making plans

    I tuned into 3.855 a little after 6 and it was nothing but static. I don't think my antenna is any good on 80m.
  2. We should be making plans

    It looks like I "can" tune 80m but it's all noise. I'll see what I can hear tonight.
  3. We should be making plans

    Similar setup here, I just tried to tune it in and it's pretty noisy. Could be the time of day. Could be the antenna being 20-25' off the ground. I'll give it a go this week though and see if I can hear anyone.
  4. YAESU FT-818ND 6W HF/ VHF/ UHF All Mode Portable Transceiver

    I've been eyeing something like this for my 857d. Yaesu FT 857d portable amateur ham radio battery packs and carrying systems They provide a link to a custom Bionenno battery that fits the portable zero carrier (I believe the carrier holds two 6 Ah batteries). I'm on my second attempt to get...
  5. WIRES-X

    Boy, WIRES-X doesn't work exactly like I thought. I guess I was hosing up the local repeater by shifting nodes or whatever the terminology is. So I picked up a Pi hat and have a hotspot running through a Pi 3. That seems to be working very well after some futzing to get it setup in the first...
  6. 80m/40m Loaded Coil NVIS Antenna

    I was talking to a guy at work who is trying his damndest to get me to get my ass on the air. We started talking about NVIS, which I think is neat as hell. @MaverickNH , did you ever get that kit up and running? Those seem like the ideal level of DIY for me: mostly figured out, but I still have...
  7. BREAKING: Secret Service Intervened In Hunter Biden Gun Incident; Lied On Background Check Form, Report Says

    This time it'll be the final nail in the coffin. I can feel it. /s obvs
  8. WIRES-X

    Well I ordered it anyway. We'll see. If anything it's something better than the Baofeng it's replacing.
  9. survival study: water

    Pro tip: One in each hand is easier to carry, up to a point. Eventually the sheer weight becomes a problem, but I'd rather carry 25# in each hand than 45# in one hand. The 1 gallon ones would be useful if you wanted to bring water somewhere else, but for collection when you can reasonably...
  10. WIRES-X

    Hmm, is that an older feature? I'm real new to this so I'm just learning, but it sounds like it uses C4FM digital to connect, vs DTMF.
  11. WIRES-X

    Anyone use WIRES-X? I have the itch to buy a new radio because my other unused radios are unsatisfactory. I had been looking at the FT3DR but thought maybe I should set my sights a little lower. The FT-70DR seems like another good choice, and I thought the "chat rooms" could be fun to even just...
  12. Who’s canning ?

    I use the jiggler plus both rings for 15#. My elevation is like 1008', and all the guidelines I've seen say 0-1000 is 10#, 1001+ is 15#, so I took that at face value and went with 15#. I tighten as tightly as my fingers can, without using my wrist.
  13. Who’s canning ?

    I had 7 quarts and they're all low. I'd say about an inch low, some a little more, some a little less. Last time I used salt and thought it was too salty. This time I used no salt and it needed some. But I was smart and measured how much of each ingredient I put into a single jar so in the...
  14. Who’s canning ?

    Well balls, at least one of them leaked.
  15. Who’s canning ?

    Awesome, thanks y'all. It's not super strong, but definitely there. I'm just not trying to mess with botulism.
  16. Who’s canning ?

    Alright, canning experts if I can smell the contents of my jars while it's processing does that mean it's leaked and spoiled the seals? I'm on my fourth batch of stuff, quarts of beef stew this time, and every time I can smell what's cooking. The first time I had stew in the water at the end, so...
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