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  1. German Army Firearms Safety

    I saw this picture on Wikipedia’s article about the German Army. It has the caption, “A German infantryman stands at the ready with his G36 during a practice exercise in 2004.” I thought it was funny. I have a good friend, who’s an officer in the German Army, maybe I should ask him just...
  2. Searching Fourm

    I was trying to search the forum for the topic "house gun". When I did so every post that contained the word house or the work gun was returned. I tried it as: house gun "house gun" +house +gun house &gun Is there any way to search for an exact phrase? Thanks, Patrick
  3. N-SSA

    Does anyone on the list skirmish with an N-SSA unit in the Metro Boston area? I live in Melrose, MA. I've been wanting to get into muzzleloading, and am interested in history. Plus I saw the Shooting USA episode on N-SSA, and it was cool. Some I'm curios. What unit are you with? Where...
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