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  2. New Ruger SR22 Issues

    I picked up a Ruger SR22 pistol about a week and a half ago at Four Seasons and I'm having issues with it. I plan on calling Ruger on Monday, but I thought I would see if anyone here has any insight on the issues I'm having. The first time I took it to the range the pistol had failure to feed...
  3. Does Henry Big Boy .357 jam when using .38 Special?

    I'm thinking about buying a Henry Big Boy .357/.38 Special and I've seen some reports of .38 special jamming. If anyone owns this rifle I'd like to know if you have experienced this issue. thx
  4. So I Just Got My LTC-A

    So I just got my LTC-A (NR) yesterday. Today I've joined GOAL and the NRA. I also made a donation to Comm2A. But it seems like I forgot something. Oh right, I need to purchase a firearm. [wink] Man always something to do![grin]
  5. Cannot Obtain Readable Fingerprints For LTC - Any Recommendations

    I've been asked again by local PD to have my prints redone. This will be the third visit and the 4th set of ink/print cards (2nd visit they did 2 sets). Can anyone recommend any tips or tricks for getting a readable ink print? I've googled this subject and a few people recommend Corn...
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