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  1. CZ SPO1 TAC Jam/lockup

    Hi y'all, I was shooting a comp yesterday and my CZ had a severe jam. The round was stuck out of battery and I could not force the slide closed or open by hand. I got it clear after using a table to force the action open. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  2. TIL - no more 3 prong devices

    Well boys I've had my first severe firearms failure. 2500 round and the prong just popped right off. I'll take this as a lesson learned.
  3. Gun Storage in an Apartment

    Hello NES braintrust. I'm currently in the process of moving into my first apartment. Due to the nature of my apartment I cannot bring in a full size gun safe. So I'm looking for any advise to secure a gun cabinet without being able to bolt it to the floor. And preferably keep the cabinet as...
  4. No more Colt ARs

    It looks like Colt has given up in the civilians market, beaten out by it's competitors
  5. Another MA Escapee

    Well guys, this is it, I got a job down in Atlanta and I'm moving out early next month. It'll definitely be a trying experience but I'll do my damnedest to make it work. If anyone has any advice for someone making a solo move for the first time, please do tell. I'll miss the Monadnock shoots...
  6. Building a High-End 10/22

    Hi Guys. I've been looking to get a Ruger 10/22, but for its intended purposes of steel challenge and other various competitions. I figured it'd be best to build/order a match one off the bat. My question is: what experiences have you had with match .22's and what brand were they? I've seen...
  7. Another Year

    Just re-upped my membership, I can't believe its been year 1 already. Its be fun participating here, even more fun drinking with some of you. This really is a great community.
  8. Help me pick or build a new AR upper (please)

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to build a 20in barreled upper. Essentially I want a heavy, high-end, tack driver. The problem is I'm new to AR's and have no clue where to start. I've been looking at LMT parts but I really just have no experience. Where should I start? Footnote: Since I'm on the...
  9. Need Gunsmith Recommendations

    Hello Everyone, I have a couple of projects I'd like to have a gunsmith look at, and I'm hoping the brain trust can recommend some. I recently purchased a pre-94 Colt AR. Due to it being shortly before the ban, Colt sawed-off the bayonet lug for reasons. I'd like to have a new one put on...
  10. Tacticooling a 590a1

    Hi Guys, Anyone else own a 7 shot 590a1? If so, what did you add to it? I'm trying to find a heat-shield for it (Aimpro has been out of stock since forever :/) and a replacement sight, either a better bead/blade or some ghost rings. What have you guys done to yours? This seems to be a bit of...
  11. Ruger Mark 4 Springs & Maintenance

    Hello everyone, I have about 7k rounds through my beloved Mk4 and I seem to be getting issues, with feeding (rounds won't pull off the mag cleanly) and bolt staying closed on empty (probably a bad box of ammo). So far its nothing really irritating, nothing a rack,tap,bang ethos wont fix, but...
  12. Kydex Holsters for everyday IWV Carry

    Hello Everyone, I come to ask the NES brain-trust for recommendations on a IWB kydex holster for my new G43: It needs to: 1. Be comfortable 2. Fully en-capsule the trigger guard (no little 10mm of space behind the trigger visible). 3. Have some kind of retention (have the gun stay in if i...
  13. EDC/Subcompact Carry Gun

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a sub-compact to EDC. Preferably a semi-auto that's comfy to carry around all day and has no external safeties. I'd take the easy way out and just get a G43, but for what I'd pay to get one in MA I'm thinking I could get a little more for my money with something...
  14. Green Membership for a Green Gunowner

    Hi guys! I just wanna say that I have learned a ton from this forum and thought it was time to help support it. I'm still new to the game but I hope to change that after a few group buys and shoots.
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