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  1. AK FSB. Leave it be?

    Howdy everyone, I spent a couple hours yesterday sighting in the MAK 90 and Wasr 10. Both guns were shooting very tight 5 shot groups from a makeshift rest at about 20 yards. Daylight was running out so I didn’t get a chance to confirm at a longer range. The MAK 90 front sight is near...
  2. S&W 29 options

    It’s about time I added this American classic to my collection and I am wondering if the Smith and Wesson gurus on here could help me out. My heart is set on a model 29 classic; blued with a 4 inch barrel. Absolutely beautiful. The only issue is that I can not get past that stupid key lock...
  3. M1 carbine serial number

    My buddy just picked up an m1 carbine produced by IBM. It has a 4 digit serial number, 9842 with no other markings. From what I can tell a 4 digit serial number is pretty rare. It has a L aperture sight, push button safety and no bayo lug. Stock is marked “SCB”. Anything the gurus of NES can...
  4. Light bearing holster

    I am looking at a Raven Perun OWB holster for my m17. Does anyone know if said firearm will holster without my TLR-1 attached? I would like to have the option to holster the gun with and without the light attached if possible. Or will I have to look at buying two seperate holsters? Thanks.
  5. Dating old ammo

    Dug out these couple boxes of .22 while doing some reorganizing. Remington Kleanbore .22lr and Winchester “Western” Super X .22WMR HP. They're from a great uncle of mine who died in 1992 so I would assume the ammo is older than that. Any guesses?
  6. Fitting Mak 90 furniture

    I am in the process of fitting a Romanian RPK stock set to a MAK90, and noticed that the rear ferrule the lower Hand guard is significantly larger on the euro guard compared to the chinese guard. Considering that I am trying to keep everything I take off the gun due to Chinese AK parts being...
  7. New Acquisitions

    Finally splurged and picked up my first two handguns! Now if only I could find some of that fabled 9mm to run through this m17.[wink]
  8. Ak gunsmith suggestions

    Can anyone recommend a good AK gunsmith not too far from the Woburn/Burlington area? I’ve got a Wasr with some hefty cant in the front sight, and a Mak 90 that is slightly canted as well.
  9. Winchester sx3

    Looking for a gun for pheasant and came across a used sx3 for $600. Is that a good price for this gun used and if not what is?
  10. Marlin model 89c

    Anyone have any experience with these rifles? I inherited one from a family memeber and i cant get two rounds off without it double-feeding and jamming. Its an accurate rifle and if anyone has any knowledge on what the problem may be it would be a big help. Thanks!
  11. American POW freed from Taliban

    News from The Associated Press http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_CAPTURED_SOLDIER?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2014-05-31-12-31-09
  12. Rocksett adhesive

    Anyone ever use this stuff on their firearms. If so, have any feed back?
  13. Micro dot

    Anyone recommend a good micro dot for an ultimak gastube rail? Not looking to spend much maybe 100 at most and i want to be able to co-witness the sights. Also, what is a good range to sight a dot scope in on a 7.62x39 ak? Thanks!
  14. Ak stock compatability

    Would an ak stock custom made for one ak fit another ak? Im looking to trade my wasr for a saiga but the wasr has custom made furniture on it that id like to put on the saiga. What do you guys think?
  15. 10/22

    Anyone got any tricks to sight this thing in. I tapped the rear sight base a good amount to the right but after all the trial and error it's still shooting left no matter what.
  16. Bluing a rifle

    What's going on guys, anyone know where I can get a rifle blued and how much it would cost? Any help appreciated.
  17. Homemade ak stock set (pic heavy)

  18. Canted sight

    My frt sight on the AK is noticeably canted to the left, but still shooting dead on at whatever I point it at. Maybe it's just an OCD thing but is is worth replacing the sight or just leaving it?
  19. Making an ak stock

    Took my ak out and let my uncle shoot it. The stock is a little short, and since he is a great woodworker, he said he couple make another stock set out of walnut but to NATO length specs. Are there any issues with 922r or any other legal issues?
  20. Ak refinish

    So I'm in the process of refinishing the furniture on my AK, but I was thinking Bout cleaning up the metal parts on the gun. I want to keep the finish on, but clean it up a little bit. Any suggestions? Thanks
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