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  1. Your impressions: M1888 Trapdoor w/RRB and unusual tiger maple stock

    Came across this Springfield 5xxxxx. Looks totally original and cartouche stamped 1892. What is unusual is the tiger maple stock. Known history, one owner, for the last 100 years. I've fired it at the range and it delivers. How does one clean up the dirt and grime on the stock without losing the...
  2. Prayer request: My oldest daughter gets her biopsy results today

    My daughter had a mammogram and an 'irregular mass' was found. Her biopsy was last week and her internists office told her come to her office to get in to the results from the doctor. She's upbeat as always. Understandably I'm a bit of a wreck....Thanks, Rat
  3. Ruger SR1911 conversion to 9mm

    My ex's (who had me swatted) .45 ACP that I hated to look at: Love it now...9mm Fuzion upper hand fitted and tuned by a NES friend
  4. My friend the 'Doc' has passed, medic 2/12th, 25th Infantry Div. Vietnam

    Since words seem fail me, maybe a picture will do. 'Doc's in the middle
  5. Metro London Police find a curious object

    I'm stumped...'K' rat opener ?
  6. WTB CCI .22LR SV 40 gn RN

    A brick/case +/- for cash or trade
  7. WTB .22 LR ammo

    PS: My name isn't Ben D. Over...Metro-west Thanks, Rat
  8. Remembrance

  9. Coming to America

    The mall reparations gangs in the US should hang their heads in shame, Dis is how it's done...[mg] About 30 hooded people robbed a Bank of Brazil branch in the Centro de Criciúma at 23:50 on Monday (30). The action lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes; One of the robbers was using a bazooka; People...
  10. Prayer request: Major C. Boyle 25th inf Vietnam

    Boy its been a rough 2 weeks for me, Lost one of my gun team buddies to suicide, another to a heart event. Last night I got a call from a close friend Sgt Dee, 25th Infantry Div., 2/23nd, 67-68 RVN that Major 'Chuck' Boyle has been the ICU for a week, with COVID 19, he's on O2, no contact...
  11. WTB Smith & Wesson Governor revolver .410, .45LC, 45ACP

    please no jokes...lol Found and sold to a NY'er [laugh]
  12. Need help identifying this unmachined 10" X 6" aluminum rod stock....looks like T-251/351

    Picked it up with a vintage race car I bought. Thanks
  13. New AR upper receiver defective ?

    This is a first for me, tried to assemble my new upper and found my Colt bolt charging handle drops in the tab slot but will not move forward or to the rear, or won't ride in the slot. Not sure if it's the cerakoate or a defective machining on the upper ? I put another previously purchased...
  14. Master Sgt. Andrew Christian Marckesano six tour Afghanistan Veteran dies by his own hand: RIP Ranger

    https://www.fox5dc.com/news/armys-captain-america-who-served-nearly-12-combat-tours-dies-by-suicide-after-moving-to-dc I think I'm going to to be ill The enemy could never break him, but what decorated Green Beret eventually found was that his enemy was within. Friends who served with him in...
  15. Strange USGI pouch need ID

    Anyone I’d this pouch ? Got me stumped
  16. FallKniven knives....anyone ?

    Thinking of pulling the trigger on an Fallknivin SAF pilot survival knife....Swedish AF issue circa 95. Impressions ? https://fallkniven.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/fallkniven_2020_knivkatalog_comp.pdf
  17. Jamaica: Chinese businessman robbed of 14 Million even took his H&K

    MONTEGO BAY, St James — The Trelawny police say they are following several leads into the reported robbery of cheques, United States and Jamaican currencies, totalling $14 million from a Chinese business...
  18. Need ID help: coyote, coydog, coywolf ?

    Caught this female basking in my back field @ 12.30 pm, to her right and out of sight was a very big male. Last night about 5.30pm I was tossing a ball in the same area my German Shepard was so focused on his ball he missed the big male trotting out to challenge him. I suspect a den is nearby...
  19. NES PM E-mail seems corrupted

    Just noticed this a week or so ago. I'll get a PM message form other people but 'turbo38gn', Jack Cxxxxx is listed the sender in the PM ? I did business with t38gn in the last two weeks not sure what the problem my computer seems fine ?
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