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  1. The Armory in Woburn

    Hi I have been trying to reach these guys. Are they still in business? No one has been picking up the phone or returning calls or emails. Thanks! The Armory Inc. 329 Washington St. Woburn, MA, United States 01801
  2. SIG vs Rex Zero 1 - Mud Sand and Dirt Testing

    Sig vs a Rex Zero 1 (226 clone). Interesting results. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/09/jeremy-s/sig-p226-legion-vs-arex-rex-zero-1-torture-test/ I never heard of these guys before but they look interesting http://www.arex.si/weapons/
  3. Range/Club near Newburyport

    Hi I am looking to join a club near Newburyport. Can be in MA or NH. Hopefully both indoor and outdoor ranges. 200 yard or longer rifle would be great. Thanks!
  4. New Aquisitions February 2017

    Groundhog saw his shadow so I had to buy an HK 45.
  5. Looking for Pelham Sponsor

    Hi I am looking to join Pelham. If any member of the club is willing to sponsor me that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. What happened to Weaponcraft?

    looking for an old thread.
  7. Carbine Class ACOG or EOTech?

    Taking a carbine class at SIG. Skill Builder: Rifle/ Carbine Duration: 1 day / 8 hours Overview While instructors in this course will formulate an agenda and course of fire based on the needs of the students, drills and techniques will include: Carbine/rifle carry and...
  8. Ranges Near Northshore MA with 300 yard plus range

    Hi looking for a range near Northshore MA with 300 plus range for scoped rifle. I know Reading has 600 but heard it is hard to get in. MA Rifle has 200 not sure of any others. Thanks OG
  9. SIG Precision Rifle Class

    I am going to the SIG course this weekend. Anyone else going?
  10. Amica Insurance Is Anti Gun

    A friend of mine was applying for car and homeowner's insurance. All was going fine and the policy was ready to be issued when the lady asked if he had any guns. Being an honest person he answered yes I have guns. I am licensed to own firearms. She asked if he carried. He said he did. She...
  11. Evan Longoria has AK Stolen

    An AK-47 rifle, which the sheriff's office said was legal and belonged to Longoria, also was taken from the home. "It's a personal item," Longoria said Monday in Tampa, Fla., where the Rays' exhibition game against the Yankees was canceled because of rain...
  12. Head Shot on Bones (FOX Show)

    Pretty graphic for TV. Surprising for prime time.
  13. SIG 1911 in 22LR

    $399.00 for full size 1911 in 22LR...look pretty good http://www.sigsauerguns.com/product-highlights/sig-sauer-1911-22-22lr-at-shot/ "Out of all the newest pistols coming out in 2011, Sig Sauer’s 1911-22 chambered in .22LR may be one of the most overlooked models. Sig’s 1911-22 .22LR is a...
  14. Planet Fitness

    Interesting marketing campaign. The commercials are funny but there is a lot of push back from the Body Building community. Planet Fitness states they are a "Judgement Free Zone" yet they are discriminating against Body Builders and even gun owners. A recent radio commercial says "Planet...
  15. Scope for Appleseed

    Hi I want to put a scope on my 10/22 to do an Appleseed. What power is generally recommended? Was Thinking: 1-4 Nikon Monarch 2-7 Sightron 3-9 ??? With the 22 Appleseeds are shot at 25 meters correct? Is 4x enough? Do I have to worry about parallax since most scopes are fixed at 100...
  16. Local Mass / NH / Maine Training?

    Hi can anyone recommend training courses in Mass? Looking for carbine and precision rifle courses. Seems tough to find local training. Looked at SIG but they are expensive, are they worth it? Thanks!
  17. Locked Threads

    I will pass over a thread a number of times...until I see it was locked. Then it is like gawking at a car crash...I have to look. Those posts are always entertaining.[grin]
  18. S&W SD9 New Pistol

    Did a quick search nothing came up...sorry if dupe. Has anyone seen these? Any thoughts? http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product4_750001_750051_768467_-1_757962_757752_757751_ProductDisplayErrorView_Y SPECIFICATIONS Model: Capacity: Action: Barrel Length...
  19. Very Excited

    Will be participating in my first CMP instruction and shoot Sunday! Finally going to learn how to shoot my rifles correctly. Will be using Colt HBAR and Turner Leather Sling.
  20. SIG 239 9mm Holster Recommendation

    I know there are plenty of threads in general. Does anyone have any recommendations for this particular pistol? Thinking IWB prefer leather. Thanks!
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