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  1. Help with Weymouth....

    How would that work if a person was married and all of that stuff was in the spouse's name? That sort of thing will often happen with wives, sounds like it might be a sexist policy that should be addressed.
  2. Ruger Customer service

    Once with a SR1911 that was giving me trouble, I called customer service. The person I spoke to told me a certain number of failures was acceptable. I immediately wrote an email to customer service and was called back the next day saying NOPE, that's not true, send us your gun. They fixed it.
  3. Sketchy guy

    Parked in front of your house is not casing your house. He was probably a P.I. watching someone on your street. Nobody parks in front of the house they are casing for a half hour.
  4. The Second Amendment does NOT give you the right to bear arms.

    Thanks. I didn't know that.
  5. The Second Amendment does NOT give you the right to bear arms.

    God: "Hey Moses, write this down. Thou Shall Not Kill. Moses: "thou shall... wait, I can still keep my sword, right?" God: "Hmmm... yeah sure. Makes sense."
  6. Signs and Symptoms of Non-Serious Buyers

    Skinflint, taking the sling off and selling it separately. Probably sell the padlock it came with too.
  7. Virginia Beach ?

  8. Pranksters show how horrifying Boston Dynamics’ police robot dog is by strapping a paintball gun to it

    Can it catch a coyote? Can I program a patrol route around my house for the nighttime hours? Or is it just going to try to steal my burger every time I look away, like my real dog? Because I've had enough of that crap, and robodog ain't getting my whopper!!! I mean, he probably could because...
  9. WTB class C RV

    We're looking to buy a Class C RV, 2005 or newer probably, good condition no mechanical or leak issues. Needs to have a dedicated bedroom and an over cab bunk. Please let me know what you have, cash in hand.
  10. ICE agent sues Sig Sauer for $10M over 320 shooting himself in the leg

    Since so many in LE seem to have this thing where they go from chill to volcano in 0.2 seconds flat, is it any surprise that the agent THINKS the gun just went off by itself? That "Hey everybody is cool OH MY GOD I'M GONNA DIE IF I DON'T SHOOT!!!" attitude could absolutely be a contributor to...
  11. Two more states go Constitutional Carry

    I saw the NRA taking credit for this on FB.
  12. Deals and steals

    works for me. Only works on Closeout stuff.
  13. 3 neighbors dead following snow removal dispute in PA township

    I wish I hadn't watched that.
  14. FYI TAURUS G3C 9mm

    There are plenty of people that love to slam an entire brand of firearm even though they've never even touched one, let alone owned one. I hope you continue to enjoy your new gun.
  15. cold steel rubber handle replacement with wood , bone, micarta etc

    Paracord, then dip in Flex seal. Or order a new knife, switch handles. What's the difference between your version and the current version?
  16. bug out bag contents advice needed

    I have a pry bar in my van and a good pair of bolt cutters. But in my get home bag, I have a Becker BK2 Companion. It's about as good as a pry bar and weighs a lot less.
  17. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Have you read the rest of this thread? It's 78 pages of someone giving facts, figures, links to articles until they are blue in the face, a bunch of other people saying "NUH UH!!! and FACE DIAPERS!" and "FREEDOM!", then the fact person gives up. Another person comes along and tries the same...
  18. A well regulated Militia

    Exactly what an FBI informant would say to throw off suspicion!
  19. A well regulated Militia

    No way, my vote is for Reptile. Nobody expects it to be Reptile....
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